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Xi’an Noodle House, Chinese, Town Hall

Sweet and sour pork, not. Noodlies, Sydney food blog checks in to a Chinese eatery that’s a stone’s throw from the George Street, Cinemas. A skip and jump from the cinemas, this northwestern Chinese restaurant lives in the shadow of popular eateries in the same centre, such as Menya Mappen, Oiden Bowl, Dera-Uma and Pepper Lunch.  The food hails from Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi province, Northwest China. The number of Mandarin speakers in Australia have increased by 170% in the decade to 2016, which means Sydneysiders are spoilt when it comes to Chinese regional cuisines. Toss a colourful bowl of handmade noodles...

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Show Cafe, Town Hall

Having a go against fierce competition. There’s been a succession of different food outlets here. None have been able to entice the punters from the bustling food offerings nearby. Will Show Cafe be more successful? Noodlies, Sydney food blog has a taste. It’s hard going up against Menya Mappen, Oiden Bowl, Dera-Uma and Pepper Lunch. These popular eateries have seen off the competition. But you’d think a dessert place would complement. Enter Show Cafe, a Korean take on quick dessert fixes like Belgian waffles, smoothies and coffee, with a bacon and egg roll thrown in for good measure. Service...

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Papa Do’s and Bros, Cabramatta

It’s fried chicken, but not as you know it. Red Hot Chilli Peppers rocking the speakers, fried chicken flowing from the kitchen, fiery mural flaring from the feature wall. Welcome to Papa Do’s and Bros Chicken, Cabramatta. Locals are perplexed. New eateries in Cabra-town have been anything but the usual ma-and-pa pho or com tam suspects. It started with the riotously popular, The Usual, quickly followed by John Belvedere in Cabra (Espresso Warriors is coming soon) and The Weston in Canley Vale. It seems like the only game in town is the second generation and their desire for inner...

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Top tips to overcome blogging procrastination

Top tips for blogging success and longevity. Thang Ngo, publisher of noodlies, Sydney food blog shares the tips that helped him to overcome the persistent inner critic that says ‘stop’. I’ve shared with you some of the amazing lessons I’ve learnt from 17 years of blogging. I wish I could tell you that I was strategic in building up noodlies as a blog. I wish I could tell you I started with a plan for success. That would be gilding the lily. At the beginning it was 95% luck and 5% skill. But over the years, that ratio changed as...

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Chickenlicious, Guildford

That place on Woodville Road that you’ve always wanted to visit..  Here’s noodlies, Sydney food blog’s take on Chickenlicous, Guildford. One day, Chickenlicious appeared out of no where as we’re speeding along Woodville road. We kept on saying “let’s try it”, but it was months later before we stepped inside for a fast food feed. We really should have visited much earlier. Just about every thing you could want in fast food is in the one delicious place at Chickenlicious. Seriously. It’s Chickenlicious, so let’s check out their charcoal chicken which comes with slightly bitter burnt skin and white...

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