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Chinta Ria Mood for Love, Malaysian, Sydney

Are you here alone? Can I sit next to you? Intimate, sensual is the aim, Malaysian food is their game, noodlies, Sydney food blog sidles up. In the photo above is everything I love about Asian food. It’s sex on legs (four table legs that is). Communal eating is raucous, messy, colourful – there’s noise, movement – a total pretension free zone. For me, the classic Asian meal will have a mix or garlicy stir fry, light vegetables, clean soup and of course steamed rice. These dishes complement each other – a mouthful of flavoursome stir fried meat with...

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Satang Thai Exclusive, Pitt St, Thai

New location, same great food? FIRST LOOK: Satang Thai Exclusive has been at this hip Pitt street location for just over a month. Noodlies, Sydney food blog takes a look.  Since 2013, we’ve been loyal customers, at least once a month, sometimes twice. But suddenly they were gone, replaced by a similarly sounding Thai Terrace Exclusive. But where did one of our favourite Thai move to? Since December 2017, Satang Thai Exclusive has located to Pitt street in the Thainatown area, a stone’s throw from Satang Thai Original. Confused yet? Just remember, they’re now in Pitt street. Did...

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Eating every pork roll in Central Sydney.

Noodlies Tuesday Pork Roll Crawl through Central Sydney. Four years ago, noodlies, Sydney food blog did a round-up of all the Vietnamese pork roll shops in Central Sydney. Back then there were 25 places. What’s changed in four years? There’s only one way to find out. Each Tuesday, noodlies will be eating at a different pork roll shop until I’ve eaten at every pork roll place in the Central Sydney area. I’ll eat, rate and update prices and addresses of every delicious pork roll eatery in Central Sydney.. By the end of the crawl we should be able to...

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Sydney Chinatown has 5 Food Courts

Can you name all five food courts in Sydney’s Chinatown? Each week for the next five weeks, noodlies, Sydney food blog will add a new food court, including a video walk through. Join me on this delicious adventure, won’t you? We all know there’s good, cheap eating to be had in a Chinatown food court, but did you know there are actually five of these delicious food courts? Each week I’ll be adding a new entry with a complete listing of the food stalls. Starting with one you may not have heard of before… Market City Food Court ...

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Lunar/Chinese New Year Festivals in Sydney 2018

Where are the Chinese New Year Festivals in Sydney in 2018? “All the 2018 Lunar/Chinese Festivals in Sydney! Spread the message and join the fun!” [click to tweet] This year, Chinese New Year, Tet, Lunar New Year falls on Friday, 16 February 2018. Celebrations will be big as the next day is a Saturday.  Want to experience the fun and excitement of the Year of the Dog?   While the City of Sydney’s “Chinese New Year” celebrations are the biggest – there are plenty of other festivals around town that also showcases the diverse Asian community in Australia who...

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