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Chickenlicious, Guildford

That place on Woodville Road that you’ve always wanted to visit..  Here’s noodlies, Sydney food blog’s take on Chickenlicous, Guildford. One day, Chickenlicious appeared out of no where as we’re speeding along Woodville road. We kept on saying “let’s try it”, but it was months later before we stepped inside for a fast food feed. We really should have visited much earlier. Just about every thing you could want in fast food is in the one delicious place at Chickenlicious. Seriously. It’s Chickenlicious, so let’s check out their charcoal chicken which comes with slightly bitter burnt skin and white...

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Market City Food Court Update, Chinatown

Market City has a new food court on level 1. Well sort of… most of the tenants didn’t relocate. And many level 1 stalls aren’t opened as yet. Read this noodlies, Sydney food blog post to find out what’s open and what’s not – as at 17 June 2017. The new level 1 food court has had a Westfield Level 5 makeover. But its a lot smaller than the old top floor food court. Who’s come along for the ride? Golden Tower, the Cambodian-Chinese food stall, has made the move. Think egg noodles and stir fries, now with a...

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Pork Rolls: a complete list of ingredients

Banh mi thit ingredients – a complete list… Readers have been asking about the ingredients that go into a Vietnamese banh  mi thit, or pork roll. Thanks to the folks at Vinata’s, noodlies, Sydney food blog and TN Films can reveal all the mouthwatering components that make pork rolls Sydney’s tastiest and best value food. There’s a new pork roll price war in Cabramatta, combo deals, multiple packs, free mini pork rolls – it’s fierce! Prices range from $2.80 to $4.50 for the standard pork roll, arguably Vietnam’s best known food. While the taste is sky high and prices...

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Merrylands with Taste Food Tours

From Afghanistan to Persia. A three course fine diner will set you back more than a three hour cultural and food adventure through Merrylands with Taste Food Tour. Merrylands reminds me of Cabramatta decades ago; vibrant, intriguing but off the radar to the rest of Sydney. We venture here once every couple of months and have visited some eateries; Aaboll Ethiopian and Mazar Afghan. Thanks to an earlier Taste Food Tour, we’ve also experienced Kabul House and foraged through Ryyan Supermarket. Today, thanks to Tony Hollingsworth and the folks at Taste, I’m back for round two. Check out noodlies, Sydney food blog’s...

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Cheers on Bridge, Korean, Lidcombe

Spicy, sweet, oily and cheesy – what’s not to like?! A heady, sensuous korean dish that’s sure to please, and be remembered for a while. Don’t know if it’s the pizza colour palette, the glistening twinkle of shinny oil, or the gooey cheese stretch, just be warned – heads will turn when this dish hits the table.  This is our one of our favourite dishes, Korean chicken marinated in gochujang (chilli paste) but dialed up to the max. They’ve added extra chilli because it’s much spicier than usual. But it’s the layer of melted cheese you’re likely to notice first...

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