You’ve devoured Cabramatta’s best pho, crunchiest pork rolls, spiciest bun bo hue and you’re still desperate for more, noodlies, Sydney food blog has just the fix for you.

Have you heard of hu tieu? It may not roll of the tongue like other south-east Asian favourites, but noodlies reckons hu tieu holds its own.

Heck, look at that seductive bowl; clear soup enveloping a bewildering range of ingredients, with more plates on the side to add or dip.

Hu tieu is a Chinese soup that has been adopted by many south east Asian countries. It was a favourite of mine when I was growing up in Vietnam. We called it, Hu tieu nam vang – Phnom Penh noodles (nam vang is Phnom Penh in Vietnamese). I guess their version is so good, it’s made its way to Vietnam.

The broth binds everything; rich from pork bones, strained so that it’s clear. Shallots, fried garlic and onion takes the flavour and aroma to another level. It’s a filling bowl, with a variety of meat, mostly pork, congealed blood, liver, mince and prawns.

Hu tieu is a versatile bowl, maybe because of its pan-Asian heritage. My preferred noodle is thin strands of white rice noodles. You can choose from lively glass noodles, made from mung bean starch, or even mix rice and egg noodles for extra texture and variety of tastes.

Or, you can have ‘dry’ hu tieu, with the broth on the side. A rich, thick soy-based sauce is added to the bottom of the bowl to give it extra flavour. Make sure you mix thoroughly if it’s a dry bowl.

Where is the best hu tieu in Cabramatta? Dong Son has been serving up bowl after bowl, day and night for almost four decades. It’s an institution for locals.

Noodlies, Sydney food blog reckons it deserves to be on your checklist for the next Cabramatta food adventure.

 Dong Son
44 Park Road, Cabramatta
9724 4551