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Sydney Knafeh Guide, Lebanese, Sydney

Knafeh craze sweeps through Sydney. This Middle Eastern sweet treat draws bustling crowds across Sydney’s suburbs, but which one is the real deal? Diana Bui, Noodlies contributor, investigates.  Kanafeh – knafah – kunafeh – depending on the country of origin, both the pronunciation and recipe are hotly debated by food enthusiasts with a taste for the dish. Originating from the Middle East with Levantine roots, this centuries old recipe for delectable cheese pastry is soaked in a sugary syrup (often rose flavoured) and then baked to yield a crispy layer on top, garnished with crushed pistachios. At Noodlies, we’re...

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Night Noodle Markets, Asian, Sydney

Why I miss the Night Noodle Markets. This year’s annual pilgrimage Hyde Park for the noodle market was one to remember, says Diana Bui, noodlies Sydney food blog contributor. A week has passed since the final bao, noodle and skewer was devoured at Sydney’s iconic Night Noodle Market. With the closing of the stalls, Hyde Park has been left wanting delicious food, good company and a great atmosphere. Here at noodlies, Sydney food blog we’re feeling wistful about the plentiful bounty that was shared amongst hungry Sydney locals, and are still yearning for that authentic taste of the East. …the Night Noodle Market...

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Vinh Phat, Yum Cha, Cabramatta

“It means Everlasting Fortune”. The iconic Cabramatta Yum Cha spot has truly lived up to its name, says Diana Bui, noodlies Sydney food blog contributor. It’s not often that I’m immediately seated at this bustling yum cha joint. A wait in the foyer is a common experience for visitors to Vinh Phat, and it’s no surprise why their customers are willing to brave the queues time and time again. From its humble beginnings as a hole in the wall dim sum restaurant, to its now luxurious open floor dining experience, Vinh Phat has always stayed true to what has kept...

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La Grilla, Korean, Canley Heights

Little Korea in Canley. Fairfield locals can forget about driving to Strathfield for authentic Korean says Diana Bui, noodlies Sydney food blog contributor. “Table for two?” As always, the same waitress greets me at the same time, every Sunday evening for my fix of KBBQ. She smiles brightly as she anticipates my usual order of the “pork belly set for two”, which I’m not ashamed to admit, is usually for one. My partner orders his standard indulgence meal – the Cheese Volcano — as I start imagining ways I can pick off his plate, unnoticed. We sit down in...

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