Australia’s cheapest pork rolls at $2.50 a pop!

It’s a head turning price rewind. We haven’t seen these prices since two decades ago.

The sign is make-shift but it’s not a misprint or a special promotion. The owner has guaranteed this price is here to stay. And what a price! A couple of coins is all it takes to walk away with that Vietnamese classic street food, banh mi thit. Noodlies, Sydney food blog has long had a fascination for pork rolls, a satisfying feed with a surprisingly complex taste made up of over 10 ingredients.

Yes. Believe. $2.50 pork roll. Australia's cheapest #banhmi #cabramatta

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Pay attention folks while your roll is made in front of you in typical street food style (though in a fancy restaurant, they might call it an open kitchen). That freshly baked roll (if you’re lucky it’d be warm), three types of meat, mushy pate, creamy mayo, pickled carrots and radish, cucumber thinly sliced lengthwise, spring onion, chilli and soy sauce.

Yup, you get a lot in a pork roll for fewer coins than your morning flat white.

But that’s not all folks. $2.50 is the price for all rolls: pork, shredded chicken, sieu mai (meat balls). Take your pick folks, it’s all one ridiculous, bargain basement price.

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Pork roll price war is not new. The entry of Destination Roll, located under the gaze of the Cabramatta Chinese Gate last September marked World War I. With at least 10 pork roll joints in town, they wanted to make a grand opening splash.

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So Destination Roll fired the first shot in Cabramatta’s pork roll price war – $3.50 pork roll including standard drink, an offer which literally made the TV news. The competitors, including Vinata’s Bakery responded with offers of their own.

Since then thing seemed to have died down. Until now…

Today, World War II has erupted. Daily Delicious Bakery is the latest to join this war, just two months old, this upstart opened with $2 pork rolls that created Hong Ha-esque lines. But the owner admits he couldn’t keep that price up. Today, and going forward, Daily Delicious will sell rolls for $2.50 – Australia’s cheapest Vietnamese pork rolls, or chicken rolls, or sieu mai rolls.

Not giving in other bakeries are joining the war; with $2.80 pork rolls or 4 for $10.

Ferocious pork roll price war continues. $2.80 for one or $10 for 4. #banhmi #cabramatta

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But how does it taste at Daily Delicious Bakery?

Fairfield Advance pork rolls picture

Photo: Melvyn Knipe, NewsLocal.

I came without expectations. What do you expect for $2.50?! I left pleasantly pleased. The bread is baked on the premises, the crust doesn’t rip up your gums, but it’s still firm and brittle. Inside there’s a pillowy softness that’s easy to love. And the filling include all the standard meats, pickled carrot etc – there’s nothing missing. Mine was light on the pate, but I feel like spoilt brat pointing this out. Let’s remember, it’s probably half the price of your chicken and mayo sandwich.

Folks, the pork roll price war is well and truly on. And the winner is you.

Time for you to come on down to Cabramatta and pick your favourite.

Daily Delicious Bakery
Shop 28, 193 Railway Parade, Cabramatta