Bayon is a relatively new restaurant in Cabramatta town, at least it’s the newest Cambodian one.  Facing Cabramatta Road West, it can be a little out of sight.

The first impression is good, clean, the large windows not only make sure the place is bright but also gives you a comfortable vantage point to glimpse at Cabramatta people going about their business.

They’ve made an good attempt to ‘upmarket’ the restaurant.  Decor is better than many established local eateries.

Menu is where Bayon does have the edge over other Cambodian restaurants in town, you get picture menu which helps the first timers, and the menu does feature dishes which are beyong the normal hu tieu soup.

Walter had the Khmer beef with side salad; nicely marinated and the salad were a selection of lightly pickled cucumber, radish and carrots – Vietnamese would call it chua.

I couldn’t resist the new dish on the menu of duck curry.  It wasn’t mild and it wasn’t hot, you get a piece of duck and a bit of bamboo shoots in the curry, served with rice.  Not an overwhelming success, but not bad for a cold morning.

Photos of your featured dishes on the walls do work, because they prompted us to order the flat pancake/dumplings with chive fillings.  They were tasty, the pastry was crisp-ish on the outside and gluggy further in… a taste I quite liked.  But don’t order before a hot date.. the chives have you burbing onion/chives for hours.

Oh, and full marks to both the staff and owners, very helpful, polite and friendly… something that doesn’t happen at every restaurant.

233 Cabramatta Road
Cabramatta NSW 2166