Pad thai

Savann is opposite Cabramatta post office and has been the place for several thai-lao restaurants in the past. They just didn’t seem to last.  Savann has been there for a few years now… a bit of a record for this site.

After a few months absence (writing a food blog means there are so many places to eat!) we’re back to reaquaint ourselves.  The pad thai (and I’ve had a few) is not bad, the flavour is also in the noodle itself, which I like, ingredients are fresh and the dish is not over cooked.

Yum Nua (beef salad)

Yum nua is a revelation, don’t quite remember it being this tasty in the past. A good range of fresh vegetables and herbs, spicy, zesty flavour but with good measure of fish sauce saltiness.  Really very good.

Offal soup

Of course there’s a much better name for this dish, it’s tom yum like soup but with a variety of offal… stay away if it’s not your thing.  In this soup, it’s very nice though.

Savann Lao-Thai Restaurant
Shop 5/2 Arthur St, Cabramatta
(02) 9726 0305