Satisfy the family and your bank account.

Noodlies, Sydney food blog previews the 2015 Easter chocolate range at ALDI Australia.

I’ve never been fans of mindless brand loyalty. Noodlies, doesn’t subscribe to the cliche of “it’s more expensive so it must be better” whether that’s restaurant prices, or brands at the supermarket. When it comes to the ‘best restaurants’ in Sydney the critics often elevate ‘hatted’ restaurants – of course, it’s brilliant food, for an ultra-brilliant price.

For me, a great dining experience for two can be had at the local Vietnamese without costing me a return flight to Melbourne (or overseas if you’re going low cost carrier). It’s the same at the supermarket. Yes, I am loyal to some brands, but that’s because I’ve tried the others (with an open mind) and find my taste buds prefer some brands. But at heart I’m brand-agnostic.

And seems like I’m not the only one, noodlies contributor Evie Chataway’s investigation: ALDI – is it really cheaper and is it any good? really struck a chord with readers. Nine months later, this story is still one of the most popular on noodlies. Judging by the comments on that article, the supermarket duopoly don’t have it all their way.

aldi easter chocolate range

Think of Easter and many will think chocolates. Think of chocolates and a handful of brand names come to mind – they’ve had the advantage of catchy and emotive commercials and countless millions in advertising over the years. Don’t get me wrong, some brands taste great. But can they be the only one that’s the best?

Should advertising and brand familiarity alone drive our taste preference?

For many of us, the answer to that question is likely “maybe, at least partially”. Let’s face it, without the advertising budget of the big players, supported by the big two supermarket chains, it can be hard to compete for attention.

That’ why, I’m writing this post. It’s my small contribution to giving loyal noodlies readers more choices this Easter.

aldi chocolate easter range

Courtesy of the folks at ALDI Australia and their PR agency, noodlies can share a preview of their chocolate range this Easter.

And there’s something for everyone, starting with traditional solid chocolate eggs, Dairy Fine Chocolate Solid Eggs (500g) – $5.99 (blue pack on the far right), if you’re after a large sized solid egg, there’s the Moser Roth range (150g) – $3.49 (red and orange pack far left); there’s three to choose from: almond, crispy hazelnut creme and caramel crunch.

If you’re after chocolate bunnies, Choceur Sitting Bunny (120g) is just $1.99 each (inside basket, left). Even at this price, there are no compromises; made from quality European chocolate, the Bunny is wrapped in premium foil complete with necktie and embossed medallion. The Bunnies are available in milk, dark and white chocolate.

aldi specially selected half egg

If you’re after something premium and different, look at the Specially Selected Half Egg (150g) – $9.99. The thick and rich half egg is filled with a decadent assortment of signature Belgium pralines that’s crafted by a Belgian chocolatier. It comes in a classy packaging with bow-tie so you don’t even have to gift wrap.

aldi artisan egg

Luxury Milk Chocolate Artisan Egg (210g) – $9.99 is crafted from fine Belgian chocolate and embellished with eleborate butterflies. Already in a gift package, it makes for a unique, premium gift, something that could potentially make your present stand out from the crowd.

aldi choceur attitude bunnies

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, take a look at the Choceur Attitude Bunnies (100g) – $5.99. This cheeky foursome will captivate the kids.

The chocolate comparable with others in the category, smooth, a tad less sweet and melts quickly in the mouth. This is quality, no compromise chocolate.

the entire ALDI chocolate private label range is UTZ Certified so you can be sure that these treats are sourced from sustainable resources.

ALDI is also offering a range of hot cross buns including traditional, fruitless and chocolate chip starting from $2.49. However, by far the most intriguing is the Specially Selected Sour Cherry & Belgian Chocolate Hot Cross Buns (450g pack of six) – $4.49.

These samples were provided to Noodlies, Sydney food blog by ALDI Australia . All opinions contained in this post are noodlies’ own and consistent with noodlies’ published editorial guidelines as outlined in the code of ethics.