Searching for the new Ceci.

Where’s noodlies, Sydney food blog’s new favourite Korean in Strathfield?

Won Jo Korean, Strathfield

Ever since Ceci’s original owners sold out, noodlies, Sydney food blog has been in search of a new favourite Korean in Strathfield. Ceci was a once a month (often more often) addiction for half a decade.

We tried Won Jo in 2010, but it didn’t do. These days, they have new owners, so we’re back, wishing and hoping…

Won jo korean strathfield

New Won Jo is pretty slick; down lights showcase tasteful colours and different textures on walls. A large dining area greets diners with a long row of segregated group seating in the back (above).

Won Jo Korean, Strathfield

Above is pretty much our order for tonight including complimentary kim chi and banchan. As with any Korean order, it’s colourful, diverse and contains plenty of sizzling plates and bowls, as well as lots of stainless steel.

Won jo strathfield beef

Korean beef is a favourite thanks to the sweet marinade and generous MSG (you would have eaten bucketfuls and loving every mouthful until I mention those three letters). Fried onion adds to the sweetness. This is delicious, accessible Korean, mild but flavoursome. Though the cut is a little too thick for me and becomes a bit of a heavy mouthful. The serving is on the small side.

Won jo strathfield spicy pork

You can never get enough meat. In this case it’s spicy pork. Rest easy, it might look fiery but in truth, it’s a mild zing. The marinade is red and rich making the pork much easier to swallow. To balance all that sauce, you get more stir fried sliced vegetables.

Won jo strathfield kim chi soup

Kim chi soup will help to wash everything down. It’s a party of flavours including sour kim chi and chilli spice. Visually it’s a stunner. Here, the main flavour is evaporating sour. It might be challenging for novices, but hunger inducing when you’re accustomed.

Won Jo might not be the new Ceci, but it’s a much better proposition than old Won Jo. It’s worth a visit. Flashier decor and good food helps. But that’s standard at most eateries in Strathfield. Ceci had that extra punch which we can’t, as yet find, in Strathfield.

Won Jo
33A The Boulevarde, Strathfield, NSW
(02) 9746 7041
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