Langkawi night market, Malaysia

The Langkawi “night market” is on every night of the week, though at a different location each day.  The night markets that’s closest to our hotel, the Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, is held on Thursdays.  It’s in an open field that’s a leisurely 10 minute stroll.  Night markets obviously mean different things in different countries, in Cambodia and Laos they sell goods like scarves, tshirts and other crafts.  In Langkawi it’s all about food.

Langkawi Night Market food

And gosh, there’s no shortage of food, from fried chicken & seafood, quick rice snacks, quenching juices, even som tum.  The noodlies featured video above captures the range and excitement.

chicken satay langkawi night marketchicken satay langkawi night markets

Right by the entrance is a simple charcoal cooker serves up mouth-watering chicken satay sticks.  When fanned, the flames erupt and envelope the chicken, cooking the meat on the inside while leaving crispy, burnt edges on the outside.  Dip the still warm chicken in the thick and spicy satay sauce and it’s a more-ish experience that will have you coming back for more.

fried food langkawi night markets

There’s no shortage of seafood that’s recently fried or grilled.  Under the night light, and with the aid of the oil they were fried it, everything just gleams in such an alluring way.  I think the tempting pile of deliciousness above are fried yabbies?

The Island Drum has an extensive round up of night markets on Langkawi.

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