subway cabramatta

In the past when a restaurant in Cabramatta closes, another Vietnamese restaurant opens. Lately, that hasn’t always been the place, Super Dish (Chinese), Dai Jang Gum (Korean), Malaysia House are all notable new, non-Vietnamese restaurants that have opened recently in the area.

The Subway “opening soon” banner I saw today is another reminder of the Cabramatta transformation.  The fast food chains are moving in…

Cabramatta Fast Food Chains

When Subway opens it will join Gloria Jeans, Red Lea, Eagle Boys Pizza, Pizza Hut (Canley Vale) and Domino’s Pizza – what is it about Pizzas that locals love so much? The pizza chains have a loyal clientele – me included :).

Actually, the title of the first chain in Cabramatta goes to KFC, however, it closed down over a decade ago.  The longest currently operating chain is Red Lea, many of us know them for selling fresh chicken, in Cabramatta their roast chicken and chips are legendary.  It’s not unusual to see parents sitting down to a bowl of pho at a local eatery and their children happily munching on Red Lea chips.

I’m torn about the changes, while I accept all communities go through these changes as they become more part of the mainstream.  And I know the franchisees are local people and this is their family business.  Still I feel sad that Cabramatta will slowly lose the things that attract visitors here, cheap, authentic, no-nonsense Vietnamese food.

What do you think about these changes, am I over reacting, these changes are a normal part of life? Or are we losing something special? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts.