Fiery soup for the soul


Bún bò Huế, is literally translated as beef noodles from the central region of Vietnam (Hue being the capital).  As you can see it’s much fiercer in taste and appearance, predominant flavours are chilli, prawn paste and lemon grass.

There are several types of meat include pork; quite a fatty cut, beef and even a pig trotter or two.  It’s not the sort of dish you’d think people can have regularly like the much milder pho.

Bun bo Hue is Dong Ba’s specialty.  When they first opened over five years ago, I thought they were brave given the stronger flavours.  But from day one, it has been doing a roaring trade.

Dong Ba is one of the best bun bo Hue Vietnamese restaurants in Sydney.  One of the reasons for their success is that these noodles are astoundingly good and at amazingly cheap prices. This enormous bowl, which came with the extensive vegetables and mints was just $9.50.

And they are not alone, Gia Hoi Bun Bo Hue is always busy in Canley Heights and Haymarket.

Dong Ba Vietnamese Restaurant
40 Park Rd
Cabramatta NSW 2166
(02) 9755 0727

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