Super Dish is a new restaurant in Cabramatta and it’s not Vietnamese.  We’re seeing more and more non-Vietnamese restaurants opening in the area recently including, Yummi Thai, Red Sichuan Chinese, Dai Jang Gum, Malaysian House (now closed) to name a few.

I’m guessing the second generation Vietnamese aren’t interested in the 7 days restaurant business.  And the void is being filled by others attracted by the sheer number of people who flock to Cabramatta, especially on weekends.

Super Dish is Chinese (Canto) style fare, the sort of restaurant you see in Chinatown, it’s no accident they all have similar names like Supermeal and Superbowl. It hasn’t been open that long… and you can see from the video above, the crowds flock to anything new.

The servings were generous, the fried beef noodles looks as good as it tastes, great strong flavours.

I had to order egg noodles, surely a good Canto eatery should do good noodles.  I’m not sure why I doubted it, the soup was top class and really does remind me of Hong Kong noodles, much stronger flavours.  The noodles strong kinda crunchy, just the way I like them.  The bbq duck was a tad disappointing, it wasn’t bad, but the skin didn’t hold much flavour.

Originally the waiter came back with fried egg noodles instead of the soup noodles which I ordered.  I was pleasantly surprised that they took it back without any awkwardness or stroppiness… full marks there!

Super Dish
19/1 Hughes St, Cabramatta
(02) 9727 7880