We’re at Dai Jang Gum Korean restaurant at least once a week and there’s something comforting when it’s your usual.  We have our own table at the back next to the Korean doll display and right under the TV screen that pumps out K-Pop and Korean tourism messages.

Tonight I’m on my own and the owner greets me with a complimentary Korean pancake, watch the video above and you get an idea of its huge size… and the wonderful atmosphere of Dai Jang Gum.

She entreats me to try something new and recommends the fish roe clay pot rice.  I oblige, it’s always good to try different things, I think.

This dish, she says is a variation of bi bim bap with beef and egg replaced by fish roe.  What I wasn’t prepared for was how much I’d enjoy it, or how there was a special way of cooking it.  The owner brought the dish to my table and showed me how it’s done.  And I’ve captured it on video, below.

It was stunning, burnt rice with fish roe and that you can do this with bi bim bap too!

Can you see the burnt/crusty rice?

Dai Jang Gum
1/100 John Street, Cabramatta
02 9728 3386