A feast for Sydney food bloggers

Six restaurants, seven cultures, five hours.

Six restaurants, seven cultures and five hours of continuous eating, that’s one amazing Fairfield Feast which noodlies, Sydney food blog organised for a select group of food bloggers.  Fairfield is one of Australia’s most culturally diverse local government areas where two in three speak a language other than English at home. No where is that diversity more evident than the restaurants in Fairfield’s town centre. Noodlies’ purpose is to showcase some of these wonderful restaurants that rarely get reviewed or promoted.

Fairfield Feast food tour restaurants:

Highlights from today’s Fairfield Feast tour for Sydney food bloggers:

La Paula, Shop 1, 9 Barbara St, Fairfield, 9726 2379
Wonderful sweets: Brazo de Reina (Queen’s arm), churros and equally delicious  chacarero and lomita burgers. Watch Daniella tell the bloggers about their wonderful food in the noodlies video above.

Afghan & Arab Bakery, 2/13 Nelson St, Fairfield, 9728 1832
Owner Habib Bayani tells us the best time to stop by and get warm, just out of the oven fresh bread is 9am and 2pm when they start their shift.  A third shift starts around 10pm.  Lauren from Corridor Kitchen food blog says their bread is just ‘amazing’.

Sans Rival (Mykababayan), 13/52- 68 The Crescent, Fairfield, 9727 3146
The friendly Rowena and her team cook up a range of familiar home-style dishes which local Filipinos order from the bain-marie, it changes daily. Today we’re treated to a colourful display, adobo chicken and lots more as Rowena explains in the noodlies video above.

Al-Dhiaffah Al-Iraqi, 13 The Crescent, Fairfield,9755 0870
Step inside and you could be anywhere in the middle east, the walls are adorned with faded posters of old Baghdad in the fridge there are exotic drinks, including the not exotic, Coca Cola bottles imported from the middle east, complete with Arabic packaging.

Frank’s Lebanese, 16 Smart St, Fairfield, 9724 3000
An unsung hero in Fairfield is Frank’s Lebanese Restaurant. The place looks just like any other take away, that is, until you try their bbq chicken, pristine white garlic sauce and falafel. In the noodlies video above Frank himself tells us why his food tastes so good.

Green Peppercorn, Fairfield Hotel, 1-3 Hamilton Road, Fairfield, 9724 7842
What more can I say about Tona Inthavong, Sarah and the team behind this award winning Laos/Thai restaurant. Tona gives us his take on the difference between Lao and Thai food in the noodlies video above. His sister and head chef, Ketmany shows us how to make Lao som tum and we feast on all their signature dishes including Laos sausages, beef jerky, larb and their signature desserts, fried ice cream, pandan as well as black sesame creme brulee.  The food went down a treat with Queens Pitch Vineyard wines, a sponsor of the tour.

Fairfield Feast food bloggers

Participants of Fairfield Feast were a group of curious, excited Sydney food bloggers:

The food bloggers will soon be posting about Fairfield Feast, in the meantime their social media posts on the day should give you a sense of the colour and excitement of the day.

Fairfield Feast Supporters

Thank you, noodlies Fairfield Feast would not be possible without some wonderful supporters including the tireless Helen from Fairfield Council: