They come from far and wide for La Paula’s delicious range of baked sweets.  All sorts of colourful pastries and cakes that stretch the length of the entrance. You would think after going here for over a decade, noodlies, Sydney food blog might have have moved on to some other, newer shinier place.  But, I’m here almost every week.

  • Chacarero
  • Lomita
  • Brazo de Reina

la paula chilean fairfield

The truth is, while noodlies loves La Paula’s pastries, I’m completely obsessed with their burgers…

chacarero chilean burger la puala

La Paula might look humble, bordering on stark with tiled floors, unpretentious lines and sensible coloured walls.  Their food is at the other extreme. Sure the chacarero buns are plain and the beef pieces well done but there’s ample richness in the thick lashings of mayonaise, mashed avocado and juicy beans.  It’s difficult to bite into the generous, thickly layered burger.  And if you succeed, be extra careful the mayo and avocado will ooze out the sides.  I always squeeze some extra chilli sauce to spice things up even more.

lomito palta mayo la paula

Lomita palta mayo is just that, a burger with pork, avocado and mayo.  See what I mean by lashings of mayo and avocado?  I’m loving the plain tasting pork and buns with the over-the-top servings of mayo and avocado.  Again, mind they don’t ooze out the sides!  La Paula’s chips are thin and crispy, not over salted which suits me because I drown them in tomato or chilli sauce, depending on mood.

la paula pastries and cakes

And then there’s all sorts of desserts including churros and my favourite, Brazo de Reina (Queen’s arm) the softest Swiss roll with a caramel swirl through it.  You can buy the whole roll (above top left) or as individual slices.

Come for the cakes or come for the burgers, just come to La Paula.

La Paula Café
Shop 1, 9 Barbara St, Fairfield
(02) 9726 2379