In the weeks leading up to Campsie Food Festival on Saturday, 4th June, noodlies Sydney food blog wanted to sample some great eats in Campsie.  Manmaruya has been in Campsie for three years and is an amazingly popular local restaurant attracting both locals and visitors.


The first thing I notice about Manmaruya is that it’s been properly designed. It’s zen-minimalist, attractive and very functional.  And immediately I’m struck by the fact that the place is very, very popular, it’s packed today for lunch.

Aburi sushi is an exciting new find for me. The sushi is ever so lightly seared and then drizzled with teriyaki sauce.  It’s presented in a turquoise glazed plate, the sushi looks just stunning, glistening and confident.  The dish retains delicate flavours but heightened with the soft teriyaki sauce.  According to chef and owner, Goto San, it’s one of their most popular dishes.

How could noodlies not order a noodle dish! I wanted to try the pork miso ramen to compare it with other eateries around town.  Again, excellent presentation, layed out in that exacting, precise Japanese way.  The large pork slices perfectly cooked, loving both the bamboo and mushroom which just works.  I’m also liking the miso soup, it’s not as heavy as Gumshara, but manages to achieve both subtlety and taste.  It’s a generous serving, as you can see, packed and hearty.

A dish recommended by Goto San is the incredible tako-yaki. It’s one that demands attention; at first glance, they’re simple octopus balls topped with thin translucent flakes.  But them you notice the bonito flakes alive and moving. It’s hard to describe, you just need to see it for yourself in the video below.

Isn’t it just stunning?!

Walter’s spicy fried pork kim chi is served with rice and obviously Korean inspired.  Again, that Japapnese subtlety controls the extreme sweetness found in equivalent Korean executions.  It’s very much to my taste, subtle but flavoursome.

I had a chance to sit down with chef and owner, Goto San to ask him a few questions:

  • why Campsie?
  • what’s popular on the menu?
  • what’s the relationship of this restaurant to sister restaurants in Hurstville and Eastwood?

Overall, Manmaruya is an amazing little gem in south western Sydney.  You just wouldn’t expect high quality Japanese in Campsie, but it’s here, it’s busy and it really does work!

This noodlies Sydney food blog experience was courtesy of Manmaruya and Canterbury Council’s Campsie Food Festival 2011 on Saturday, 4th June.

noodlies is a media supporter and exclusive food blogger for Campsie Food Festival 2011 the Seoul of Sydney.

Manmaruya Japanese Noodle Bar
193 Beamish St, Campsie
(02) 9789 5759

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