Another Korean bargain in new ‘little Korea’

A decent feed for two; three dishes for just $39

It’s been a Korean food feeding frenzy for Noodlies, Sydney food blog at Lidcombe of late; hearty du boo kim chi at Hanabi, spicy pork hock at Arisu,  PR Korean – fantastic for groups, and now, Muri Korean BBQ – tasty food at unbelievable prices.

muri korean bbq outside

From the outside there’s not much to distinguish Muri from other restaurants in this sleepy south-western Sydney suburb. There’s a couple of coloured cardboard signs listing selected dishes in English but they’re lost in the bewilderingly busy frontage.

The frontage is narrow but opens up to a surprisingly large space.  The bbq isn’t built-in, a portable gas cooker sits on each table,  choose from larger cook-at-the-table meat and vegetable dishes starting from $25, or a range of a-la-carte Korean standards priced between $12-$13 – amazingly each dish comes with a bowl of rice.

muri restaurant chilli pork beef bulgogi

We opt for individual dishes, sizzling beef bulgogi (above, top) is even sweeter with lightly fried onion, while chilli pork (above, bottom) is deceptively spicy, the medium-cooked spring onions adds a mustard twang.

Denjang chi gae: pork in bean paste soup is clearer than other places – the bean paste taste is evident though neither as rich nor deep as at neighbouring PR Restaurant, which serves one of the best around.

denjang chi gae

Including a generous range of side kim chi and a bowl of rice per dish (we had to send a bowl back) this is honest, hearty food at bargain prices, our meal comes to $39. We leave feeling satisfied in the belly and in the hip pocket.

Have you been to the new ‘little Korea’ yet? If you have, where have you eaten?

Muri Korean BBQ Restaurant
28 Joseph St, Lidcombe
Ph: 9643 7222