MOON FESTIVAL 2012: Eat your way to foodie stardom
By Susanna Te, Fairfield Advance
21 September 2012

Local foodie Thang Ngo, the man behind the successful Noodlies [Sydney food and travel] blog, will MC the most anticipated event of Moon Festival – the competitions.

The three main hotly contested competitions are noodle-eating, moon cake-eating and prawn-peeling.

cabramatta moon festival eating competitionFairfield Council Cabramatta Place manager Cheryl Bosler said locals and visitors loved the event because it was entertaining and competitive. “People like to be the winners of these competitions,” she said. “Some people really want to win and enter every year, trying to claim the title.”

The competitions start at 2.30pm with a $100 Iron Chef prize voucher to be won.

The moon cake competition is popular because moon cakes are given as a respectful gift to relatives to symbolise the connection of families at harvest time.

But the pho noodle-eating competition is the most revered prize and although peeling prawns is not traditionally Asian, it has become a crowd favourite.

Martin Ly won the noodle-eating competition last year.

He managed to chow down a bowl of noodles in just under one-and-a- half minutes.

Martin said he would definitely contest the title again this year.

“It was great winning,” he said. “I definitely will be back this year.”

Last year there were two winners for each competition from each stage.

Photo: Julian Chung jumps for joy after winning the noodle-eating competition at the Moon Festival in 2009. Picture: Nick Andrean, c0urtesy of Fairfield Advance.

Cabramatta Moon Festival (Sunday 23 September 2012)

Full program including the Noodlies Eating Competitions at 2.30pm is shown below. Click to enlarge.

Come and celebrate Moon Festival!

Cabramatta Moon Festival 2012 program

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