Cabramatta’s Allsorts Barbecue, part of Crave Sydney International Food Festival 2010, was on today and ABC Radio’s Weekends with Simon Marnie was broadcasting live.  The weather was inclement, cloudy through to heavy showers, but there was a good turn out of locals plus visitors attracted by Simon’s program.

Simon Marnie broadcasting live from Cabramatta’s Freedom Plaza

I chatted to Simon around 9.30am about Sydney’s Best Pho poll on noodlies.  Simon was engaging, knowledgeable and amazingly professional.  I was in awe; it was live radio and he pulled it off with the aplomb that could only come from a seasoned pro! I’m now even more of a fan.  Being a Sydney food blogger can be really fun, especially when the fun is 5 minutes from your house!

Simon interviews Thang from Thanks to Helen for the pic.


Simon had a great chat to other food bloggers too; Helen (grab your fork), Trina (the gourmet forager) and Simon (simon food favourites) who were tasked with finding their favourite signature dishes from local restaurants.  And another blogger, Simon (the heart of food) was there to capture the moment.

Sydney food bloggers unite!

Simon also spoke to Walter about his book, Destination Saigon.  They spoke about how Walter learned Vietnamese and the food he had in Vietnam and Cabramatta.  They looked like they were having a great time!

Walter talks to Simon about Destination Saigon the book

There were heaps of other fun people there, too many to remember, but Alvin Quah, from MasterChef 2010 was heaps fun and friendly.

Alvin and Thang

Costa from SBS was a hoot too and a great sport to boot.

Costa and Walter

What Cabramatta event would be without a lion or dragon dance?! This group is the Dong Tam troupe based in Fairfield, who coped amazingly well despite the weather.

And of course, there was the bbq feast to be had all round.. in an allsorts, sort of way!

What noodlies, Sydney food blog ate:

– bbq pork, great crispy skin, nice tender lightly flavoured meat – from Iron Chef, Cabramatta
– bbq duck, crispy skin in pancake and sauce, delicate and flavoursome but needed cucumber in my books, also from Iron Chef
– pork chop off gourmet forager’s com tam dish (above), fantastic flavours from decent quality and length of marinade, cooked perfectly (not too dry) from Bau Truong

Bau Truong on Urbanspoon