Noodlies, Sydney food and travel blog is so proud to be a media partner of this year’s stunning Cabramatta Moon Festival.  Cabramatta has come so far, from the troubled history to taking out 2012 SMH Everyday Eat’s Favourite Eat Street and today, attracting some 90,000 visitors to celebrate Moon Festival, 2012.

It makes me and all local  residents so proud to see Cabramatta deservedly shining.

Cabramatta Moon Festival 2012, eating competition

This year, I’m MC of the Eating Competitions, one of the most anticipated events of the Festival.

Moon cake eating competition involves unwrapping a moon cake and being the first to eat it.  It might sound easy, but these moon cakes are dense and very, very sweet.  Check out all the excitement and our winner in the noodlies video below.

cabramatta moon festival 2012 moon cake eating competition

Pho eating competition is also popular and amazingly competitive.  This involves being the fastest to eat a large bowl of pho, Vietnamese rice noodles, including all the soup.  The record was set last year at around 90 seconds.  Amazingly, four times winner and defending champion, David (on the right of the photo below) set a Cabramatta record of just over 59 seconds to down a large bowl of pho.  See him win in the noodlies video below.

Cabramatta Moon Festival 2012, noodle eating competition

If this looks fun, I’d love to see you at Cabramatta Moon Festival 2013!

cabramatta moon festival 2012 moon cake eating competition

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Noodlies, Sydney food blog is the exclusive event blogger of Cabramatta Moon Festival 2012.