Apparently there’s a Korean custom, when it rains, it’s time for pa jeon (pancake) and makkoli (korean rice wine).  Who am I to argue with tradition?  It indeed was raining after dinner so Peter, a member of K-pop band, One Way and his manager/producer took us out for drinks and introduced me to that devlishly evil (but good) korean drink called Makkoli.

makkoli korean rice wine

It’s made from rice wine and made sweeter with the addition of “cider”.  As Peter said, it might be ok to drink it sitting down, but once you stand up the world changes.. and you won’t even recognise your father!  Taste wise it’s not overwhelming, it’s just nice and warm – not too sweet at all, and goes down well with good company and conversation… and pa jeon.

pa jeon korean pancake

The pa jeon was delicious it wasn’t too thick or doughy, so you could taste the seafood as well as shallot which retained their flavour because they weren’t over cooked.  One of my fav korean dishes seemed to taste better with makkoli.

peter from one way

Bad, bad Peter!