Across the Golden Buddha temple, Wat Po is a series of stalls that sell linament oils and lotions, blessed by monks, they come in all sorts of garish colours, orange, yellow, green.  In their midst was a cute restaurant where we ducked in for lunch.

I ordered the closest thing I could find to a dish that I had once, an omelette wrapped around fried rice.  Still can’t find it.  But this was kinda close, or sorts, a fried egg on fried rice.  Delicious, especially with fish sauce and chilli.

Walter had the pad kha prow, which I didn’t taste so I can’t really comment, it looks very generous in terms of meat portions.

We shared some fish cakes, which was crispy outside not the type I’m used to.  But doesn’t mean it wasn’t nice.  The fish inside was fleshy and soft.