Quick Bytes, Issue 5

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Inside this issue of Quick Bytes:

  • MasterChef contestants announced
  • Another hatted restaurant closes in Westfield Sydney
  • Australia suspends live cattle exports to Egypt

Express News you can chew

  • Food trucks facing bumpy road: customers love them, nearby businesses and residents hate them, Sydney council is considering stricter controls according to goodfood.com.au.
  • MasterChef contestants announced: the full list of 22 contestants, apparently the most diverse group yet for the franchise according to TV Tonight.
  • Foodie ‘meet-ups’ springing up all around England: The Guardian reports on the not-so-secret happenings, everything from meat to cake clubs.
  • Westfield’s fine food strategy unravelling: “Two hatted chefs gone, one left. That’s the depressing form guide at Westfield Sydney, where twin-toqued Italian chef Alessandro Pavoni has joined Justin North as another casualty at the shiny central business district shopping centre” reports Good Food’s Short Black.
  • Australian cattle prices nose dive: as Australia suspends live cattle export to Egypt (see below), cattle prices continue to collapse up north, AFN reports cattle prices in Queensland in the week ending 2 May 2013 averaged 305 cents per kg cwt, while the Eastern Young Cattle Index fell to 300.75 cents per kg cwt – the lowest levels since December 2009, according to Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA).
  • New York bagel: Brooklyn Hide “creators” Daniel Littlepage and Matthew Forsdike promise to bring a taste of New York bagel to Sydney, well at least to 226 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills.


Live-export of Australian cattle to Egypt suspended

quick bytes cattle

An ABC 7.30 report showing graphic images of animal cruelty in some Egypt abattoirs has led to the suspension of live-export to Egypt being suspended. Watch the report and read the transcript. Image from ABC 7.30.

Single mum seals book publishing deal

quick bytes mother

Amateur UK cook’s blog about feeding her family on £10 a week attracted huge online audience.. and a publishing deal with Penguin. Image from The Independent.

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