When I think of Campsie, the first thing comes to mind is Korean food, one of our early favourite restaurants was just off Beamish street; that was over a decade ago. But now it’s so much more.  On a recent visit for lunch, we found ourselves parked outside an Indian grocery store.  Which was just perfect, because it saved me popping down to Liverpool later to pick up some supplies.

Sidhi Vinayak grocery store was small but neat and cramped packed with lots of great supplies.  Watch the video above and you’ll see particularly piles and piles of colourful bags of basmati rice.

We’ve been looking high and low for some more masala chai tea and left with a couple of boxes.  Our incense collection was also re-stocked, a particular favourite is the two tubes of cinnamon incense sticks.  And you may have read my review of Bollywood Indian/Chinese restaurant in Fairfield; I’m fascinated and bought a packet of schezwan stir fry mix to try at home.

But my favourite is the Vicco turmeric cream, I swear turmeric is the best thing for all types of skin, Himani Gold turmeric cream has previously been my fav, but sadly seems like no one stocks it anymore!

We left with the stash above for around $25.  I can’t believe how cheap things are in Campsie!

noodlies is a media supporter and exclusive food blogger for Campsie Food Festival 2011 the Seoul of Sydney.

Sidhi Vinayak Grocery Store
268 Beamish Street
Campsie NSW 2194
(02) 8065 4613