So the decor is modest, service is when you can get it and the food is meant to be good, fast and cheap.  But does Supermeal pull off the ‘cheap and cheerful’ Chinese restaurant model?

The video attests to the modest decor, but what it doesn’t show is the impossibly slippery floor when it’s wet… like today – a wet Sunday afternoon.  I thought it was just us slip sliding around, but soon discovered the waiters themselves also found it hard going.

But what about the food?

The stir fried morning glory was good but a tad over cooked, rendering the leaves soggy and limp, while the stem was soft rather than crisp.

I prefer the calamari batter a little crunchy/crisp, but found these soft and spongy.  Although, the salty flavours were there and the calamari were cooked quite nicely.

The crispy chicken was the most successful dish for me, the skin crispy and thin, meat tender and well cooked.  The sauce was light but tasty.

For me, Supermeal failed on ‘cheap and cheerful’ – it was neither cheap; our meal came to over $50, nor cheerful; the bill didn’t make me terribly cheerful and the staff didn’t seem terribly happy either.  And that floor is atrociously dangerous when wet.

Supermeal Chinese Restaurant
39 Goulburn St, Sydney Chinatown
(02) 9211 1568

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