Many restaurants have tried and failed in this location. Savann has been just about the longest. I don’t get it, because the location is pretty good, across the road from the post office and very near to the station.  Savann might have been successful because they have built a very loyal table of customers who seem to be there every night, they’re loud, they’re funny and they give this place some buzz.

We go relatively often because it opens late on weeknights whereas many other restaurants in Cabra still don’t (although that’s quickly changing).

The beef salad is tart and tasty, benefiting from fresh ingredients.  Though, the beef was a tad tough tonight.

I’m liking the soup too, tom yum soup base with lots of offal, so avoid if that’s not your thing, but it’s really a very good dish.  Check out the video to see more of the meat in this dish.

How’s your tolerance of offal, interested to see who else likes it out there!

Pad Thai is easy on the palate, noodles absorbing flavours.  But of course you can add additional spice, Walter does that in the video, extra dried chilli, mixed in the crushed peanuts.  Pad Thai is an institution.

Savann is not the best Thai Lao in town, but it’s conveniently located and opens late.

Savann Thai & Lao Restaurant
Shop 5/2 Arthur St, Cabramatta
(02) 9726 0305