This unassuming shop specialises in Chinese and Vietnamese buns and Vietnamese version of Chinese  beef balls (sieu mai).  Today we had the Chinese bbq pork version, so the outer is a fluffy but still substantial bun and inside is bbq pork with red, runny sauce.  The Vietnamese version which we didn’t have today is made up of mince, Chinese mushroom and egg.

Their other big seller is the Vietnamese sieu mai, or as I’d like to call them, spicy beef balls.  And believe me, they’re garlic spicy.  In the beef mince is small cubes of water chestnut which adds a crunchy and crisp consistency.  The sauce is rich and thick, perfect for dipping your Viet bread roll which comes with it.

The place caters mainly for takeways and there’s only a small table inside.

Henry’s Buns
Canley Vale Road
Canley Vale