Luke Nguyen and Thang Ngo

noodlies, Sydney food blog caught up with Luke at Luke Nguyen’s Cabramatta Long Lunch event yesterday in Cabramatta.  A full post on this even, which is part of the 2011 Sydney International Food Festival to come, soon.

In this video interview, Luke talks candidly about:

  • growing up in Cabramatta
  • his love for the area
  • coming through Villawood hostel
  • his new SBS TV show taking him to the Mekong river
  • Red Lantern and influences on its menu
  • Little Lantern, his charity

I found Luke very approachable, honest and a great interview subject.  What do you think?

Disclosure: noodlies, Sydney food blog is a passion I indulge in after hours.  During the day, I am an employee of SBS, however, not in a food related area.