Those of you who follow my blog know how much I love the enterprising old ladies of Cabramatta who brazenly sell their food and vegetables on the street despite the mean spirited crackdown by Fairfield Council.

One week it’s banh it, another I buy sam bo luong and another again, it’s nem.  Well recently I went to get banh beo, small white pancakes with bean paste and prawn on top that you pour fish sauce over and devour.  B ut do you think I can leave with just one thing, they cajole, they sweet talk, they appeal to my vanity, so I leave with four items… and they came to a grand total of $4! How could I resist.

And when I get them home, they make a gorgeous spread, I should have invited friends over, there was enough for an army.

I originally only went for the banh beo (below).  And indeed they were delicious.

Then I was intrigued by some round dumplings that had mince and bean paste inside, also eaten with fish sauce.  I’ve had these before and vaguely remember they may have originated from the north, but can’t remember it’s name.  They WERE delicious.

Then the old lady next to the one I was buying from said I also had to buy from her, and so I had to out of politeness.  So I got the fresh rolls (below), but these one contained bi, which is pork skin (it does taste very good despite my clumsy description).

They were all $3 each which came to $9 so the second lady said buy her banh it for $1 to round off to $10.  She made it sound like there was a discount, but actually there wasn’t.  I didn’t stand a chance.
Watch the old ladies of Cabramatta in action below, but be warned they’ll take every penny you’ve got… actually despite my complaints, it was very cheap and I love them all dearly.