By Noodlies, Sydney food blog guest reviewer, KLui

Masuya Japanese Seafood is a great place to eat with friends! Plenty of spaces between tables! The food served is fresh and delicious!

Entrée – Sea Urchin Sushi Boat: people either love it or hate it. It all comes to the creaminess and freshness of the urchin.

Marlin Tataki with Ponzu Dressing: the fish is lightly grilled before slicing. Who’d think the crunchiness of the fried onion would balance out the smooth texture of the Marlin slices so well.

Sashimi Platter – Scampi, Scallop, Caviar, Clams, Kingfish, Salmon, Wakame (Seaweed): all seafood lovers would have their thumbs up for this platter! Simply fresh and sweet! YUM

My lonely scallop…

Unagi Sushi: Grilled Eel in special sauce. It’d be great if the rice ball was smaller.

Deep Fried Pork Cutlet: aside from Tonkatsu (Pork Chop Rice Bowl), deep fried pork cutlet is also one of Japan’s most famous dishes. This pork is no ordinary pork, it’s in the “wagyu” category. The mustard and plum sauce help reduce greasiness very well.

Sake ice cream with plum wine jelly: two words here – unique and well-balanced

Green Tea Crème Brulee: strong and creamy green tea topped with crunchy burnt top.

By Noodlies, Sydney food blog guest reviewer, KLui.
Masuya Japanese Seafood Restaurant
12-14 O’Connell Street, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9235 2717

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