Vietnamese bun mang vit (duck, noodles and bamboo) consists of three parts:

  • the cold duck salad that also contains offal and topped with Viet spearmint
  • vermicelli in soup that was used to cook the duck and 
  • the ginger chilli fish sauce

Normally I wouldn’t even mention the fish sauce as it comes with most Vietnamese dishes, but it really is crucial in bung mang vit.

While the soup is flavoursome, the strong tastes comes from the salad; duck, spearmint, offal and of course the sauce.

I have such a soft spot for this dish, but I don’t think it will go mainstream any time soon.   There’s a few things not in it’s favour, firstly there’s only a few places in Sydney that makes a good bung mang vit and while the dish is nice, unlike pho you can’t have it too often because of the contrasting flavours.

Fortunately Tan Ky makes a mean bun mang vit.  I reckon it’s the best bun mang vit in Sydney.

Tan Ky Noodle House
70 John St
Cabramatta NSW 2166
(02) 9724 9008