By Noodlies Sydney food blog guest reviewer, KLui.

There’s always a long line outside of this dessert place every since opening. It’s been a month now and the line has not reduced at all.

Meet Fresh specialises in Taiwanese desserts – they are most famous for Taro Balls, Tofu Dessert and Grass Jelly!

The best is the mix and match where you can try many things at once.

Tofu dessert with taro balls – The silky smooth tofu has a strong soy bean taste that you can rarely taste anywhere in Sydney.  Anyone who tried the chewy taro balls would fall in love with it! Yum!

Grass jelly with taro balls and beans – one of Meet Fresh’s signature dishes! Grass Jelly always polarises opinions. The herbal taste can be overwhelming but it’s a star for grass jelly lovers!

You may also add milk and peanuts in it too! The wide range of texture in one bowl makes it quite interesting too.

Meet Fresh
13 Goulburn St, Chinatown
(02) 8339 1031

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