It must be heart breaking to be located next to Mamak and seeing the long queue for lunch and dinner, but that’s what Golden Sichuan, on Goulburn Street in Chinatown must contend with.  Mamak has seen off many, many restaurants next door.

In fact, in what must be a compliment, Golden Sichuan is probably one of the longest running restaurants on that site.

We really don’t like to queue, even for Mamak, so Golden Sichuan is great for a feed without the wait, although you do pay for that privilege.

Chinese pancake that we wrap ourselves with pork, sliced cucumber and shallots.  No additional sauce needed… you can tell by the way the pork strips glisten.

Noodles in chilli, pepper sauce needs to be mixed thoroughly and is delightful – tip: wear a dark shirt, it’s hard not to splash sauce every where.

This sounds silly, but I am addicted to the cucumber in chilli sauce, sprinkled with crushed peanuts.  I order it when ever possible.  Something about the combination of crisp, clean cucumber and strong chilli sauce that sends my taste buds to heaven.

Golden Sichuan
17-19 Goulburn Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9212 1868

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