Sometimes we take for granted what restaurants in Cabramatta give in terms of value added.  In fact, I’m sure the owners don’t even see it as additional, but just part of the service.

Tonight I had dinner at Pho Viet and ordered a simple bowl of Pho Tai Nam (combination of cooked and uncooked beef pho soup).  And with that came tea and the plate of bean sprouts, lemon and the freshest looking basil; sensational given it’s 8pm and there’s no one around Cabramatta.  All included in the $9 price of the pho.

The soup comes out pipping hot, and I push the meat in to cook, of course I don’t have to wait because the ‘Nam’ in Pho Tai Nam is cooked beef.  I add sprouts, break the basil leaves and add some fresh chillis.

All for $9 – to think, in Chinatown, you get charged for tea.  I love Cabramatta.

11 John St
Cabramatta NSW 2166
(02) 9728 6657