You tiao, you char kway or yau ja gwai is referred to English as Chinese oil stick, Chinese cruller, fried bread stick or Chinese doughnut.  It’s typical left on your table at Asian and certainly at many Cabramatta restaurants as an additional side dish – mainly for breakfast.

You can eat it on it’s own, my partner’s parents enjoy them that way.  Or you can dip it into your morning congee or as I’ve seen recently into your hu tieu – Cambodian combination rice soup noodles.

The taste is fairly neutral, as you would expect from fried dough.  The oil and sesame lifts the flavours abit, but not that much… I guess that’s why people dip them in soup.

These are freshly delivered everyday and I’m quite fond of them… in small bursts.

These ones were on the table at Dong Son, Cambodian restaurant.