Stir fried pork and kim chi

Walter and I tried a new korean place in Strathfield tonight; Hyung Won on The Boulevarde.  My favourite dish is the stir fried kim chi pork.  The meat is marinated in a strong paste, works pretty well with the plain squares of tofu.  Here, the tofu is a little too thin and sandy in consistency for me.  But the stir fry wasn’t bad at all.


I don’t like thin pancakes because it’s usually too dry and with very little filling.  But here, they’ve managed to make it both thin and moist, with good amount of filling.  Full marks.

Kim chi

And of course, kim chi is free.. the cabbage kim chi is particularly chilli hot, which is nice.  Not much of the fan of the glass jelly or nut or actually creamed corn kim chi.

Pricing: around $50 for two.

Hyung Won Korean Restaurant
31 The Boulevarde, Strathfield