Once a firm favourite…

Has Milliore Korean Restaurant lost the edge with different owners or is it because they face stiffer competition these days?

Milliore Korean Restaurant Haymarket kim chi

You get free kim chi with your meal, it’s a well known fact. Apart from the familiar pickled cabbage kim chi, the remaining banchan are at the discretion of the restaurant. That’s a fact, too.

But tonight, noodlies, Sydney food blog is disappointed with the kim chi offering; potato, bean sprouts, tofu skin (it’s sort of ok) and crunchy broccoli. Where’s the pickled radish or shredded white radish? Or moreish cucumber? What about distinctive bellflower kim chi?

It’s put me in a mood, that even the friendly and efficient service can’t make up for.

Milliore Haymarket du bu kim chi

Even the stunning looking du bu kim chi; virgin white, thick cut squares of doughy tofu surrounding marinated pork and kim chi can’t compensate. To my taste, the tofu is dry and, while the pork looks the part, there’s too much acid with over use of kim chi, drowning out any fatty pork reward.

Milliore Haymarket kim chi chi ke

No, even the bubbling and saliva-inducing kim chi chi ke soup doesn’t deliver the punch you’d expect from that fiery vision. The soup lands on the blander side, again, more sour than salty.

Milliore Korean Restaurant Haymarket menu

Which is a shame because they offer a decent range of soups from beef, soy bean, mushroom even prawns and crab versions.

Milliore Haymarket spicy pork

Spicy pork is more redeeming, all that red sauce and pork does the flavour trick.

Which is all a shame. This was our go-to Korean, going back as a far back as a decade ago. Today the new owners have improved the service and operations but managed to flatten our the flavour. Or maybe there’s just so many more great Korean restaurants around these days?

Regardless, in my books, Milliore has come off second best.

Milliore Korean Restaurant
Shop G10, 730-742 George Street, Sydney NSW
(02) 9212 1295
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