Noodlies Top Australian Food Blogs for 2014.

Covering 1,047 food blogs in every capital city of every state and territory, noodlies Top Australian Food Blogs is the most comprehensive list in Australia,

… 1,047 food blogs in every capital city of every state and territory

Restaurant review blogs, recipe blogs, vegetarian blogs, dessert blogs, bbq cooking blogs, food and travel blogs – there’s something for every taste and every budget.

I’m sure you’ll agree there’s a lot of delectible summer reading ahead. So enjoy!

Drum roll: congratulations to lovely Lorraine Elliott of amazingly popular Not Quite Nigella for taking out Top Australian Food Blog, 2014!

Top Australian Food Blogs 2014, by state or territory

(As at 28 December 2014)

1not quite nigella67370syd
2what's on the list70954adl
3orgasmic chef75313bne
5recipe tin eats104216syd
6hotly spiced116044syd
7my kitchen stories135306syd
9chopin and my saucepan150256syd
10how to cook that156120syd
11bizzy lizzy's good things157627act
12manus menu165033syd
13love swah165052syd
14grab your fork165338syd
15sugar et al167118syd
17the city lane182635mel
18foodies agenda185538syd
20sugar hit210375bne
21what katie ate221100syd
22cook republic229024syd
23belly rumbles231192syd
25good food gold coast242276bne
26delicious everyday248223bne
27fig jam and lime cordial248825syd
28just one more spoon258607syd
29wholesome cook269700syd
30claire k creations277671bne
32the world loves melbourne309724mel
33souvlaki for the soul322362syd
34my darling lemon thyme331505per
35busog sarap344814bne
36raspberri cupcakes352156syd
37lambs' ears & honey361477adl
38im still hungry376771syd
40he needs food393650syd
41southern in law400727syd
42tales of a kitchen407296per
43a table for two419894syd
44que syrah428580adl
46the hungry australian437319adl
47the sydney noob458179syd
4984th and 3rd515089syd
50the food diary by ck524959syd
51bake play smile535724mel
52the last appetite661003mel
53simon food favourites666168syd
54food rehab: the tastebud diaries669826mel
55the food pornographer686327per
56mr and mrs romance700061syd
57eat drink and be kerry721073bne
58food porn journal755702act
59journey from within755974syd
61ramen raff769354syd
62green gourmet giraffe773136mel
63g nine three773919adl
64supercharged food778056syd
65gourmet chick787375mel
66citrus and candy805677syd
67the fit foodie809901syd
69the sweetest kitchen810838syd
70the chef, his wife and their perthfect life811114per
71sarah cooks812028mel
72mab vs food819243syd
73mademoiselle mange à Sydney872077syd
74queen of bad timing886840per
75one bite more889803syd
76eat show and tell891873syd
77confessions of a glutton892232syd
78food, booze and shoes895100syd
79chocolate chilli mango909551mel
80when the world stops spinning926730syd
81laura's mess930346per
82lateral eating937176syd
83the adventures of miss piggy956287syd
85sharking for chips and drinks960811mel
86urban chic guides974838syd
87a foodie's joy1003652syd
88unbearable lightness of being hungry1013811syd
89the old foodie1033365bne
90the food coach1034380mel
91western sydney food blog1039306syd
92the random foodie1040925syd
93the hungry foodtech1048710syd
94food wine travel1064496bne
95she cooks she gardens1067092adl
96the spice adventuress1067236mel
97emiko davies1068393act
98eat melbourne1075659mel
99the internet chef1087946syd
100economies of kale1088702bne
101new found place1121578per
102strayed from the table1121673bne
103nessy eater1143267syd
104foodie cravings1161408per
106vegan sparkles1196079per
107the food blog1198117syd
108the intolerant chef1208819act
109the hungry excavator1227728mel
110excuse me waiter1233281syd
111penguin says feed me1236028syd
112alana bread1246121syd
113the whole pantry1247684mel
114g'day souffle1254406adl
115just a girl from aamchi mumbai1267038per
116food is our religion1273087syd
117napoli restaurant alert1284268syd
120travelling corkscrew1314990per
121the dessert spoon1319190bne
122shrinking single1330448act
123spicy icecream1338585syd
125a matter of taste1417850mel
126inside cuisine1418189syd
127in the taratory1428538act
128wandering spice1437582mel
129the hungry babushka1439422mel
130best small bars1455486syd
131the cook's pyjamas1466455per
132to her core1468776tas
133irenes getting fat1478801syd
134my kiki cake1479470syd
135weny wonders why1495282per
136bryton taylor1523553per
137does my bomb look big in this1544234syd
139i only eat desserts1561919adl
140mel: hot or not1563637mel
141life, inspired1570369adl
143octavia and vicky1579473adl
145addictive & consuming1617152syd
146crystal noir1621332syd
147i spy plum pie1637475mel
148let's get fat together1644427mel
149consider the sauce1658219mel
150food me up scotty1665642bne
151monday morning cooking club 1693709syd
152the chopping board1710466adl
153next stop food1756035syd
154jenny chews1756957syd
155simplicity by sarah1782358syd
156insatiable munchies1783849syd
158melbourne gastronome1823414mel
159one small pot1824160syd
160love at every bite1828027act
161the gourmet forager1843564syd
162the food sage1845302syd
163sir and m'lady dine out1898676syd
164love bangers1898843syd
165eat pray workout1917733bne
166all about food1924228syd
167roo food1926711syd
169passionate mae1968383syd
171ameri aus1992251bne
172miss k licious1998663syd
173silvia's cucina2004518syd
174james ridenour2020169mel
175the casual food blogger2022894syd
176foodie ling2055604adl
177food endeavours of the blue apocalypse2065557per
179veggies and me2092374syd
180le bon vivant2112226act
181darwin foodies2124651drw
182the chronicles of hilda2126850syd
183food is my friend2141734syd
184jen is hungry2146472syd
185melissa ting: life and i2155910mel
186willunga wino2159666adl
187bake bike blog2160438act
188burger adventure2161992mel
189adam liaw2188258syd
190fig and cherry2222379syd
192the food mentalist2231898syd
193wino sapien2260024per
194the melbourne foodie2261736mel
195Miss Foodie2271430bne
196a healthy food affair2276198syd
197down to feed2330000syd
198fight the craving2331998syd
200good food week2355697act
201new international students2372138mel
203chit chat chomp2389288mel
204lonely city2394424per
205the food marshall2414276act
206sydney cool2427606syd
207where’s the beef?2437607mel
208the food society2487789mel
209all you do is eat2507754syd
210cooking crusade2524377syd
211a whisk and a spoon2561755syd
213dessert addicts anonymous2581366syd
214cake crumbs and beach sand2594036per
215melbourne australia2615490mel
216the girl has sparke2644893act
217the kitchen inc2666766syd
219apricot tart2688452adl
220the food dept2694104syd
221talk and spoon2696660syd
222food lover’s journey2729311mel
223the feed report2755096adl
225gatronomical ramblings2766025mel
226kat cakes2767684syd
227the food zoo2775533syd
228abstract gourmet2795332per
229adelaide food central2820765adl
230adelaide foodies2842503adl
231a little bit of tang2842788syd
232the foodologist2847045adl
233sydney's best food2847496syd
234baking with gab2850366syd
235a cupcake or two2851256syd
237my wholefood romance2857784mel
238i'm so hungree2864741mel
239scandi foodie2882645syd
240yummy lummy2921780act
241limes and lycopene2930313syd
242my kitchen garden2936544adl
243a kitchen cat2938316act
244i love my food lots2957152syd
246petit 4s2964121syd
247petit miamx2966323mel
248grazing panda2971179mel
249grab your spork2984638per
250the catty life2992919syd
251foxs lane2996014mel
252a food story3001608syd
254ms brulee3019664syd
255perth munchkin3027914per
256the blonde tourist3030883syd
258kitchen wench3058511mel
259hungry cookie3098800mel
261missy ness' food train of thought3115257mel
263café couture3159483per
264little lauren's adventures3172488syd
265chewing around town3203272syd
266lisa eats world3246684mel
267eatin' mess3276432bne
268make it bake it snap it3309343act
269cook suck3345818syd
270bite me3356304syd
271kindly yours3362581syd
272tales of a truffle pig3419012syd
273food made with love3432974mel
274humble crumble3434776syd
275fit for a pig3445793syd
276edibles and travels3449703syd
277leave room for dessert3461083syd
278food porn nation3469601syd
279melissa Loh3477841bne
280For the love of food3511586bne
281what i cooked last night3523831mel
282red hot spatula3529890per
283the gourmet couture3548840syd
284tales of a confectionist3563116act
285go bake yourself3566642syd
286frills in the hills3568968syd
287a very foodly diary3573159per
288food according to bree3593797adl
289slow food perth3601158per
291what em did3633693syd
292daisyum 3647850adl
293the merry maker sisters3664939act
294bad table manners3718784syd
295the food antiblog3745753syd
296sammy and Bella3747097syd
297susan's sumptuous suppers3758954act
298living and loving hobart3765187tas
300barley blog3808617mel
301much a munch3829621syd
302the ponder room3833643per
305capital food journal3978132act
306see u in Sydney3982231syd
307the wooden spoons3997649act
308seeking victory4011354mel
309lily and ouk eat food4015096act
310eat and be merry, for tommorow we die(t)4037952mel
311the food book4054783syd
312the very very hungry caterpillar4056714mel
313the good the bad and the italian4134628syd
314the gourmet grocer4136070syd
315food of the soul4140593mel
316the heart of food4163766syd
319hungry again?4258557per
320truly scrumptious4282424per
321food on my dog4299153mel
3223 hungry tummies4306336mel
323I dream in chocolate4361720syd
324jb josé4364805syd
325food for thought4364827mel
326foodie about town4374485mel
327spoon fork and chopsticks4374766syd
328brisbane devoured4387762bne
329tammie jonas4390397mel
330perth food reviews4474610per
331gourmet male4481490syd
332mum chic4491392act
333bite me show me4507979syd
334should you eat that?4510711mel
335feeding the sonis4511964act
336mimi must try4549906bne
337mcfuzzlebutt's manchen4560455adl
338nic cooks4566606syd
339dammit janet i love food4606942mel
340trick of fate4620477syd
341the glutton's diet4652574mel
342cbr foodie4717329act
346my seefood diet4772583syd
347i eat therefore i am4799520mel
348dining with a stud4807367syd
349out & about in perth with bub, moo and char4842121per
350food for tina4854165syd
351Tea for Six4865493bne
352the modern con4874207mel
353the melbourne local4878289mel
354up for a feed4899810syd
355the little cookbook4950194adl
356easy as vegan pie4966934mel
357melbourne patron5021124mel
359sydneysiding klite5063335syd
360I am not a foodie5063831syd
362laura moseley5107092per
363the gluten free geek5183261per
364the melbourne coffee review5213025mel
365sweet and sour fork5244779mel
367footscray food blog5284754mel
368phuoc'n delicious5352622syd
369hold the beef5361621per
370ooh look5382418syd
371not your typical dietician5385745per
373The cook's notebook5393882bne
374my hungry tummy5396180per
375food flash5400744syd
376the gook5402849syd
377french toast and indie pop5429115per
378sweet cherrie pie5451806mel
379the good hearted5466999mel
380champagne duchess5491373syd
381whole food5493709per
383sideways tiara5508867per
384food 4 thought5529566per
385take me to foodie heaven5530375per
386inspired food5571999per
387eye eat5583206syd
388feed my camera5613202syd
389olive sundays5621732mel
390almost always ravenous5634622mel
391lady lunchalot5641634mel
392Rani's Blog5649221bne
393perth raw foodies5652913per
394ellie's belly adventures5666574syd
395chasing a plate5686320mel
396melbourne din(n)ing blog5700580mel
398oh my kitchen aid5758421syd
399lemon butter5770703per
401char post5827940syd
402spoonful of sugar5830877adl
403the owl's nest5853332mel
404confessions of a little piggy5902067mel
405angie lives to eat5926802syd
406gourmet wog5965053syd
407eating in sydney5984998syd
408sweet rosie5996060adl
409sweet ravioli6097012adl
410string of events6184533mel
411what's my next meal?6185983mel
412the hungry mum6188421syd
413the two taste buds6245954syd
414thoughts of a moni6289971mel
415feed me now brisbane6322814bne
416great about perth6323470per
417corridor kitchen6338785syd
418food in focus6389276mel
420steak me out6398839mel
421meet me there6402943mel
422fine eating6449025act
423juji chews6502164per
424karin's recipes and random musings6529934act
425pigging out around the world6532463mel
426cooked and bottled in brunswick6579128mel
427kristy leigh food for thought6585039per
428the blue macaron6592821mel
429vanhell's corner6635378mel
4311 fat cow6685845mel
432travelling in mary janes6694752mel
433yet another foodie blog6734866per
434eating adelaide6748522adl
436think mebourne6764795mel
437poppet's window6785853mel
438melbourne delicatesses6788146mel
439typical food blog6797410mel
441indulging gluttonous urges6836819syd
443little girl big food6870638per
444you berra believe it6902588act
446gusface grillah6931695adl
447the sticky and sweet6937545syd
448what can I bake6947853per
449james & matt6953808bne
450the smiling foodie6964409adl
451gourmet girlfriend6964938mel
452melbourne food blogger6971833mel
453inner pickle6990209syd
454more dinner than cents6993141syd
455sydney: feed me6993142syd
456stuck in transit6994370mel
457epicurian epistles7005087adl
458the thoughtful eater7006317syd
459eat meets west7015966per
460the food avenue7079454act
4611001 dinners 1001 nights7094503mel
462just eat love7095248syd
463shermaine janella lew7100064per
464food crush7192529syd
465miss dumpling7201775syd
466tastemaster wa7215750per
467edible posts7243399mel
469spork me7328633syd
470couture foodie7342855mel
471polka-dots & sparkles7372473per
472the french wench7436939syd
473cooking mexico7488235act
474heavenly ingredients7513983syd
475perth food explorer7525865per
476mouthless mutters7612237act
477the breakfast confidential 7689271per
478geelong (good) food hunter's blog7691616mel
479fraser likes adelaide food7708225adl
480hot chocolate: dark desires7708228adl
481louis fameli7708230adl
482garden theory7708232adl
484peanut butter jelly7737777mel
485from our home7748939syd
486fill up on bread7757412mel
487gluten-free for lunchboxes7759933adl
488the culinary library7761585adl
489savour the moment7761617per
490the lamstock7783410syd
491cook (almost) anything at least once7784270mel
492crunchy tiger7847217syd
493rambling glutton7862756syd
494my interesting finds7905661syd
495spoonfuls of goodness7926394syd
496the girl must eat7970355syd
497cooking down under7981408mel
498sunshine buns7986916adl
499kran and nina8016187mel
500love freo8094403per
501a swoonful of sugar8099011syd
502canberra vegan8115540act
503local sprouts8127167syd
506blk's food blog8190787mel
507go to bread, not bed!8192697mel
508twee eats8199729syd
509wander luxe life8206083syd
510nibble & slurp8223823syd
511flick your food8233367syd
512boy meets girl meets food8245393mel
513scoff and quaff8264116syd
514food nutzz8265665syd
516the city gourmand8288468syd
517the nomsters8321703syd
518pantry in suburbia8322729per
519dessert correspondents8371121mel
520perth wine enthusiast8373803per
521jasmine's taste and tell8380566syd
523oh ayana8408298syd
524cats love cooking8445931syd
525dumpling girl and cheesecake boy8459854syd
526a wife's chamed life8477227syd
527munch and chew8482923syd
528life of pia8488688per
529why yes, i do eat constantly.8533997per
530nourish me8539230mel
532foods crazy8561644mel
533I heart saturdays8581322syd
534perth food engineers8590670per
535caramel love8602344syd
536gluttonous hipster8624858syd
537mon's adventures8632640mel
538expat gourmand8675740mel
539gobbled and gulped8702441syd
540abslutely jas8726259act
541miss sage sugar8729257mel
542confessions of a food nazi8743159mel
543the domestic traveller8783698mel
544how to shuck an oyster8789628syd
545melbourne food snob8814241mel
546taste test - food.life8841376per
547a meandering mango8878254syd
549rambles from a random8894037syd
550the ortolan's last meal8916519syd
551a rhubarb rhapsody8957484mel
552food and tea traveller8979466per
553stove top revolution8997836syd
554i talk too much my mouth hurts9054887mel
5552:b ethical food blog9062792adl
556cooking masterclass9106335per
557dolce bunnie9113352bne
558bon viveur9132897per
559clean spoon9183225syd
560dressed and eaten9183226syd
561food abiding citizen9183227syd
562manmen's journey9183229syd
563morsels and musings9191203syd
564popcorn & toast9198714mel
565once upon a foodie9238421syd
566simon say eat9238425per
567two clowns tripping9247038tas
569lacidar banana9301778per
570gluten shmooten9333739mel
571diary of a perth girl9369532per
572a uts food guide9416816syd
574an instant on the lips9462309bne
575a foodie's dream9549732syd
576oh hey sydney9558854syd
577the screaming artichoke9602789syd
578fare dinkum9607410mel
579p.s. i love to cook9622436per
580the hangry bitch9629192mel
581white island9633702per
582the indolent cook9682067mel
583angelica's blog9737818syd
584rambling relish9821107mel
585all around perth9968162per
586the capers of the kitchen crusader9972355per
587fish & the lemon tree10043218per
588miss feathers10067476syd
589spaghetti blogenese10103222mel
590everybody loves ramen10117763syd
591the sheona experiment10243745mel
592a tale of two bougies10252692per
593diary of a ladybird10258372syd
594foodie central10272249syd
595adobo down under10282956syd
596the quest for noms10283393mel
597cleft palatte10346486per
598nutrition in action10362341act
599Fresh Local Provisions10403449bne
600from across the kitchen table10403454syd
601tasting the stars10548421bne
604spice and more10618849syd
605burger me10640357adl
606linda sorgiovanni10805884per
607potato princess10810941syd
608fresh bread10905345mel
609gastronomy gal10949240bne
610spatula, spoon and saturday11014020mel
611oh for the love of food11015907adl
612i just ate it11089730mel
613the wildest of dreams11139841per
614food equals happy me11143485syd
615fruit salad mixed veg11167501syd
616my name is food11167604bne
617ordinary girl, extraordinary dreamer11215456mel
619digella emporium11226414bne
620beyond bourke street11226461syd
621brunch lunch munch11226462syd
622the fine dining club11255785per
623filter coffee me11278800per
624taste travel talk11389990per
625year of eating fabulously11399648syd
626just desserts11399807syd
627mish delish11409558mel
628of the kitchen kind11414257adl
629lipstick and brunch11430871mel
630the empty fridge11458036syd
631kitchen dojo11461932per
632hold the peas11466511mel
633food and other delectable things11495474syd
635babycinos rock11565215adl
636delicious please11565609adl
637eat study work11565690adl
638fashionably plate11565820adl
640good on gouger11566002adl
643nnod's fat tummy11566811adl
644one greek, one italian11566865adl
645sam's kitchen11567259adl
646tantalize my toungue11567495adl
647the omnivore11567510per
648tempting palates11567516adl
649the alphabet of food11567540adl
650the best piece11567544adl
651tidehunter eats11567584adl
652two hungry italians11567649adl
653andrew and emelia's food adventures11573539act
654mi casa sucasa11574005syd
655my canberra table11574032act
656the munch and crunch11574282act
657sooks food notes11597554syd
658howie's melbourne food blog11600120mel
659ravenous melbourne11612536mel
660all the little extras11615538per
661nouveau potato11653935mel
662brunch addict11673958mel
663bianca's food catwalk11696581syd
664kayb's cakes11697005syd
665panda and cakes11789062syd
666foodie pop11805711syd
667eat scout11825724bne
668saltd caramel11826022syd
669champaign for the pain11905207mel
671freak biscuit11943740act
672beyond jelly11961816syd
674curious charlie11997320mel
675magnus review man11997609per
676itchin kitchen12052367per
677im hungry too12076243syd
678it's an expensive but delicious habit12077628mel
679unusual coleslaw12090437adl
680dirty girl kitchen12091845adl
681the pretentious vegetarian12097097per
682the search for spice12119329syd
684piecey num nums12262269mel
685le bon vivant12353959syd
686prick with a fork12413966syd
687libertine eats12556734per
689amys town12670223mel
690the grizzly bear perth12709717per
691wandering mint12758259mel
692jarhead pickling12768150syd
693saucy onion12776810syd
694love fooling around12849204syd
695melbourne seasonal eating12887714mel
696tannic teeth12888058per
697yellow eggs12888188mel
698asian restaurants in melbourne12892309mel
700keller and spon12897741mel
701mango macarons12899274mel
702tasmania's feast12903945tas
703too many pies12904636tas
704fika and kuidaore12907276mel
705seasoned plate12908122mel
706polkadots and chopsticks12954328syd
707betty butter13004176syd
708feed your soul, perth13036556per
710the hobart life13075124tas
71252 melbourne weekends13112924mel
714the hungry duck13200128syd
715figs and brie13361783syd
716to stay or to go13370286mel
719tempting tyson13371416adl
720I came I saw I ate13554658syd
721col panna13568594per
722eat, pray, love13652567adl
723the home empress13697657syd
724takeandeat - food13712852syd
725gucci and gyoza13716089syd
726of miche and men13728677syd
727a chronicle of gastronomy13735398mel
728food, fitness and foucalt13736096adl
729let me feed you;melbourne13736533mel
730pippi in the city13736953syd
731gluttony gluttony13850573mel
732the suz chef13859672syd
733test with skewer13859965syd
734dear asparagus13984077syd
735mandarine pie13985563adl
736the great food adventure13987272per
737an australian kitchen 14016630mel
738for the love of food14036397syd
739tales of a confectionist14037114syd
740a food fable14073976mel
741melbourne girl at heart14074168mel
743brisbane belly blogger14075227bne
745coffee blogger14075799per
747yummy food nom nom nom14076038syd
748cup taste14076040adl
752furikake me!14077411adl
753good perth hunting14077691per
754lucy in the larder14079631syd
755never trust a duck14080550mel
756perth coffee scape14081136per
758queen of eggs benny14081642syd
760la roue de hamster14081947mel
761soft n stiff peaks14082770syd
762the pink leopard14083390mel
763the hungry traveller14083459mel
764the innate foodie rants14083465per
765msg:the melbourne scial guide14083489mel
766things she eats14083556syd
767tldr food14083621mel
768where is my food diary14084381per
769your munchbox14084695syd
770miss fatty foodie14094762per
771hello it's ming14115296syd
772eat live travel blog14124368syd
773buggles and squeak14152204syd
774food scene sydney14152421syd
775the dainty baker14153026syd
776cook feed love14209680syd
777the sushi diaries14210217syd
780wine with christina14239113per
781vintage macaroon14268435syd
782shiitake and stuff14312588syd
783mini bites14343491syd
784sydney coffee nerd14344648syd
785the aussie bite14354415per
786ya yas yumyums14354573syd
787Musings of a Young Gourmet14357744bne
788simply me14358655per
789little miss bacon14358657per
790the supertaster14359539bne
791imelda eats14379566mel
792conversation with jenny14454532mel
793food baby14461422syd
794crema & crumbs14477670per
795the way it crumbles14499670syd
796the gourmet goddess14502370syd
797doughnut forget me!14561815mel
798kit and kafoodle14565555mel
799raging cravings14591549syd
800joie de vivre14684948syd
801the skinny14693305per
802champagne & croissants14775159per
803chip in the sky14775234per
804eat aussie14776197per
805the fat cow14777121per
806my town,melbourne14779200mel
807no rules nutrition14779895per
808the fork and vine14782722per
809travel + eat = treat14783068per
810west six kitchen14783687per
811the main ingredient with kelli brett15080584per
812a sheepish food blog15128774mel
813in the mood for noodles15159826mel
814my purlieu15161562syd
815two bears and a fork15164817mel
817Taste Trekkers15297006bne
818a place a day15365797syd
819perth coffee project16061877per
820sunrise on the beat16074382syd
821food in hand16163626syd
822little wanderings16452987mel
823munching (in) melbourne16510739mel
824jackpot eats16576924syd
825my hunger will go on16871720syd
826eat eat play16931109syd
827don't think just eat16976198syd
828miss muesli17106053mel
829food candid17212085mel
830jp and melbs17256203mel
833gourmet reveller17495664mel
834out of my kitchen17498712mel
835playing house17501183adl
836nutmeg clouds17788635syd
837suzie wong creations17988618adl
838believe in yourself18056455per
839cooking with lucy18082645adl
840painting the bridge18134665syd
841daylesford organics18326925mel
842krispie kremes18353380syd
844bakery bookery18674525syd
845hungry hungry monkey18946106syd
846judging your breakfast19227050mel
847drink drink eat eat19771910syd
849wee love baking19923153syd
850pub diaries19987511per
851may day for food20016060per
852sugar's sweet blog20527525syd
853my edible life21386312mel
855from fries to foie gras21423152syd
856leo's feast21424645syd
858planet leon21426235syd
859table nosh21427484syd
860the passionfruit project21427699syd
861jasmyne tea22082485syd
862eat freaks22139708syd
863the canberran22481364act
866the food artisan23072148adl
867sweet enough23171875mel
868food assault23725824syd
869sydney lunch box23742021syd
870frankie's feast24234815per
871hot chips blog24361028syd
872green cilantro24479080syd
873sealed with wax24508243per
874constant diner24752355syd
876table to paper25247888mel
877ekougi & food25421940per
878gourmet husbands26102939mel
879happee monkey26117701mel
880stephen downes26201425mel
881i heart cabramatta26631605syd
882beers and sympathy26750565per
883nini | eat drink travelicious27051268per
884the dodgy end27393903mel
885mairead doyle27828767mel
886the provendery28392614adl
887little eats28510009mel
eyes bigger than bellybne
a beautiful mishmashmel
alex in wanderlandmel
an airy fairy's adventuresmel
bite in 2 lifemel
couch foodiesmel
eat (almost) anything at least oncemel
everything goes with creammel
flagrant food fawningmel
food with thoughtmel
grub townmel
jordan's food babymel
kek’s good food blogmel
lizzie eatsmel
makanmakan melbournemel
malt mileagemel
miso for the soulmel
my diet starts tomorrowmel
my melbourne food blogmel
off the sporkmel
on tip-toesmel
pho realmel
please sir, can i have some more? by olivermel
the librarian and the kitchenmel
the new epicureanmel
the spoon directorymel
veg food diaries melbournemel
verdict lobstermel
2 curries do cultureper
a food cravingper
a neko's engrossment in foodage…per
absolutely gorgeousper
alfred's blogper
alicia musesper
all the delightsper
all things yummy…per
beaufort street blogper
blueberry muffinsper
café 1101per
café grendelper
cam and chris's burger odysseyper
city adventures and stories from the antipodesper
coffee in perth: a regular guy's musingsper
cooking. eating. carousing.per
cupcake boutiqueper
cupcakes are pretentiousper
curious wombat talesper
dine and wineper
dinner with jackper
dtaste budsper
edible escapismper
feeds and funper
fifi la femmeper
food blargper
food chroniclesper
food mewsper
food, drinks n' sunper
freshly peeled tangerineper
fridge pieper
gastronomically challengedper
get on the blandwagonper
honey & luluper
i eat 2 fastper
i got it from my mamaper
i heart arnoldper
i try i try i try …per
it's perthper
jelly bitezper
joie de vivreper
just abt foodper
la cote occidentaleper
leisure - pleasureper
leisure - pleasureper
lettuce muncherper
machtuzs + mochaper
marinda leighper
max veenhuyzenper
memories and dustper
milly vanillaper
monkey businessper
mr coffee addictionper
musings of a wannabe gourmandper
my mezzaluna…down underper
my wey of lifeper
nerdy gastronomeper
nigella rhymes with isabellaper
oh for the love of food!per
once upon a travelogueper
one day of lifeper
only yummies go in our tummiesper
our food printsper
oyster & pearlper
perth breakfast clubper
perth breakfast paddlesper
perth food jerkper
perth food scoutper
perth foot printsper
perth girl about townper
perth on a platterper
pink paper planeper
radical chikenper
rose gold whimsyper
salted caramelper
sassy swaysper
self similaritiesper
seriously sinfulper
sisterhood of the travelling palateper
snapshots in timeper
song family blogper
sprinkling of spiceper
sunny side upper
sweet, sour, bitter, saltper
tak for madper
tales of sugar and spiceper
tasty liasonper
teo degas'per
the baking jogger bloggerper
the delightful euniceper
the favoured tableper
the foodie hubper
the fussy foodiesper
the green umbrellaper
the halal food projectper
the imaginary world of taxiper
the lazy cookper
the most important meal of the dayper
the pavarottiper
the retrographerper
the simply stellaper
the source panper
the stomping groundsper
the strawberry thiefper
the tasty planetper
true reason girlper
two bros drinking coffee then rating itper
vegan about townper
vic park café queenper
where's my spoonper
windswept wishesper
wine bar clubper
year with the bookper
paola in the pantrysyd
sandwich facesyd
tea thymesyd
the feed it blogsyd
the littlest anchovysyd
vanilla whitessyd
voracious vandersyd


  • Rank column is the current rank. The lower the rank, the higher the estimated traffic.
  • Blog is the food blog name, click to read that blog.
  • Alexa Rank is a website ranking system developed by Alexa, a subsidiary of US giant, Amazon. Alexa’s traffic estimates are based on data from their global traffic panel, which includes millions of internet users using one of over 25,000 different browser extensions. Please note it’s an estimation of blog traffic and rank, I’m sure even Amazon would concede this. But with this incredible number of food blogs, Alexa is the only freely available tool available to try order the list.
  • Loc is the primary location of the blog, a three letter code is used for each city, for example, syd for Sydney, mel for Melbourne etc.


There are a few reasons why some blogs don’t have a rank:

  • New blogs
  • Low traffic


Noodlies intends to publish updates quarterly: at the end of March, June, September, December.


This list would not have been possible without the generous help of interstate bloggers who helped compile the list for their city. Kudos to:


  • If your food blog is not listed above, please leave a comment and I’ll add your blog in the next round – please make sure you include blog address and your city location. Leaving a comment here helps me track your request. Emails may get lost given the volume I get each day.
  • Were you surprised there were that many food blogs in Australia?
  • Any other suggestions?

For now, happy reading!