Yes sir, Oyster Hour is back!

$1 oysters, get them while you can during Oyster Hour from 6pm every day in August.

the morrisons oysters

Oysters and Pommery Champagne greet Noodlies, Sydney food blog at a media preview of the return of The Morrison’s Oyster Festival.

the morrison sean connolly

We’re treated to a medley of oyster hits; Sean Connelly tempts us with oyster sliders, freshly shucked oysters, oyster chowder, oyster omelette, even carpetbag steak.

oyster beer matching

For me, when oyster is on the menu, it’s a business lunch and I’m concentrating on my guest rather than the dainty morsel. With a chance to concentrate on my palate, it’s a revelation; the pacific oysters is a clean mouthful thanks to nutrients from the Antarctic, and Sydney rock oysters, oh my, the full bodied taste that leaves a lasting impression.

the morrison oyster festival preview

Together with matching James Squire beer, it’s all a heady, intoxicating tour de force and the punters at this preview (me included) lap it up.

the morrison oyster festival preview

Simon and Sean took to the counter for a vigorous and a tad cheeky oyster eating competition, another feature of the month long Festival.

the morrison oyster festival

The Morrison Oyster Festival, August 2014. Highlights:

  • Oyster Hour: $1 oysters from 6-7pm
  • Oyster Menu: Chef Sean Connolly’s fav oyster dishes including carpetbag steak and oyster chowder
  • Oyster Eating Competititon: Tuesday, 19th August, 7.30pm. How fast can you down three dozen oysters?
  • Wine and Oyster Flight: oysters and matching wines
  • Champagne and Oysters: oysters is perfect with bubbles
  • Oyster Masterclass: learn how to shuck oysters, how to spot the perfect oyster

the morrison oyster festival

225 George St, Sydney
02 9247 6744

Noodlies, Sydney food blog and guest enjoyed the media preview as a guest of The Morrison and Savannah PR. Photos supplied.