Kim chi making course at the Seoul Kim Chi Academy House.

I love cabbage kim chi, on it’s own, in soups or stir fries. So while in Seoul, noodlies, Sydney food blog had a terrific chance to learn how to make this Korean classic at the Seoul Kim Chi Academy House. It’s a popular course with students from around the world including Japan, Hong Kong, Norway and Australia. We had a fantastic time.

making kim chi

The video above complements the kim chi recipe below.

Korean kim chi recipe

kim chi recipe

Main Ingredients
Salted cabbage1/4, spring onion, Radish 150g, chives

Paste Ingredients
Chili powder 3Ts, pickled (salted) shrimp 1Ts, fish sauce 1Ts, sugar 1Ts, sesame 1Ts, mixture of crushed garlic and ginger (10:1) 1Ts, glutinous rice porridge 1Ts. (T is table spoon)

kim chi recipe

1. Slice the radish into 2mm thick, then julienne the radish.
2. Cut the spring onion and chives into 3cm lengths.
3. Add the chili powder
4. Mix thoroughly. (Taste the paste and season if needed)
5. Grab the salted cabbage in one hand except the outermost leaf and then start to spread the paste over each leaf.
6. Finish!

kim chi recipe

Cooking notes
1. How to salt cabbage.

a. Cut the cabbage lengthwise into half, then soak into 15% salted water. (6~8 hours during the Summer, 10~12 hours during the Winter)
b. Rinse the cabbage in running water 2 to 3 times.
c. Put upside down the cabbage to drain it for 1 to 2 hours.

2. How to make glutinous rice porridge.

a. Water : glutinous powder = 5 : 1
b. Stir and boil them together on medium heat.

This recipe is courtesy of Seoul Kim Chi Academy House, translated by Jae Yoon Shin.

There! You see, even a hopeless cook like me can be a kim chi king!


This amazing noodlies, Sydney food blog kim chi making experience is courtesy of the lovely folks at the Korean Tourism Organization.