Luke Nguyen talks to noodlies about the French influence on Vietnamese cuisine.

On the eve of Luke Nguyen’s France on SBS, noodlies, Sydney food blog  interview the celebrity chef for the Fairfield Advance.

Luke reckons the former colonial masters left a delicious legacy and rattles off many Vietnamese dishes and their French cousins:

  • banh mi thit (pork rolls) with French baguette, cold meats, mayo
  • pho and pot-au-feu
  • bo tai chanh and steak tartare
  • banh xeo and French crepe
  • banh flan and caramel flan

He says the French love Vietnamese food “Most French foodies I met knew how to pronounce pho bo, bun bo xao, nem and banh xeo. The French have been eating Vietnamese food since the late 1800s”.

Click on the article (23 April 2014) below to read the full story and get Luke Nguyen’s stuffed sardines recipe.

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