Food, wine and dining is a segment on Weekend Afternoons with Tim Webster on radio 2UE and I’m talking food and noodlies Sydney food blog to marvelous Tim from 5.10pm.  Here are some highlights in case you miss it or wanted to get more info about our conversation.

Here’s part one of the interview…

And part 2 of my interview with Tim Webster…

Tim Webster and I talk about the hardest restaurant to find in Cabramatta, see the video below and you’ll see what I mean.  If you want to read more about U.E. restaurant click here.

Now you know how to find U.E. restaurant… do you think you’ll search it out?

We also talk about an Assyrian restaurant called Hayat and a delicious dish called Qoozi.  Read more here and see the video below.

Rice Paper (fresh) Rolls

I talk to Tim about how to make Vietnamese Rice Paper (fresh) Rolls.  These rolls are becoming very popular because they’re delicious and healthy and really easy to make.

The ingredients you’ll need are, see the video below to get an idea of what they look like:
– vermicelli noodles
– rice paper
– cooked prawns
– boiled pork belly
– bean sprouts
– one bunch of Vietnamese basil, chopped
– one bunch of coriander – use leaves only, chopped
– one bunch of garlic chives (optional)
– lettuce leaves, chopped

Preparation: see video from to see how it’s done
– boil vermicelli until white and soft, drain and let cool
– boil pork and sliced thinly
– de-vein and boil prawns and cut in half
– soften rice paper with warm water and place ingredients in centre and fold as per video, a couple of slices of pork and one prawn (halved) in each roll, vermicelli and add remaining ingredients to taste

If you were motivated to make these rolls, why not send me pics of your creation and let me know how it went!

Cabramatta’s best eats: if you’re coming to the area, check out noodlies list of the best restaurants in the area… enjoy!

If you have any questions, comments love to hear them!