If you’re thinking about a Cabramatta excursion, noodlies, Sydney food blog reckons it should be this coming Sunday, because it’s Cabramatta Moon Festival time!

Join 90,000 Sydney-siders and revel in the colour, food, fun and excitement of this huge Asian cultural celebration, second only to lunar new year festival.

When you’re in town, make sure you get to U.E. Restaurant, the hardest restaurant to find in Cabramatta; push your way down a dark alley and mind the swinging metal doors. Bring a torch – U.E. Restaurant is well worth the trouble.   The video below should help you track down this hidden gem!

U.E. Restaurant’s specialty is Chinese egg noodle soup, pork, won ton and more.  Noodlies go for the duck egg noodle version.  The soup is darker than usual, probably coloured by the well-cooked duck.  There’s additional offal lurking underneath so be warned.  If you’re not feeling too adventurous order the wonton egg noodles.

duck noodle soup sydney food blog

It’s a real adventure, a secret pleasure of mine and well off the well-trodden Cabramatta track.

And after your adventure, I want to hear all about it in the comment section below.

U.E. Chinese Restaurant
4A/117 John Street (Enter via Hill St), Cabramatta
9727 0014

noodlies sydney food blog cabramatta moon festival

Cabramatta Moon Festival 2012
Sunday, 23 September, 11am to 8pm

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