ser wong fun

We had just sat down in this busy restaurant when my friend, deeseebeaucoup casually says the snake soup is pretty good, I’ll order some. Ser Wong Fun is a pretty popular restaurant in Central, Hong Kong and he says their snake soup is one of the best around. On the outside, this place looks like any other Hong Kong restaurant, Chinese characters, red lanterns, red and yellow neons, bbq duck hanging in the window and I’m actually grateful that I’m with a local – otherwise, I’d end up ordering a relatively boring bbq duck egg noodle soup! Noodlies, Sydney food blog was intrigued.

snake soup ser wong fun

I’m not sure what I was expecting (a snake head? a fang?), but when it arrives, the soup looks good, with no tell tale sign of the treasures lurking within.  To my relatively untrained eye, the bowl looks like any generous combination soup with mushroom, seafood and ‘meat’ in a thick sauce.  As it turns out the snake is shredded into thin white strips which tastes like free range chicken (please don’t groan).  The meat is clean and strong which works very well with the flavoursome soup.  Just in case you need something to cut the (imaginary strong) snake taste, there’s added shredded kaffir lime leaves.  I think this dish is delicious.

chinese sausage

My very expert foodie friend then orders dark Chinese sausage with rice.  It comes pretty much as sausage on rice. But of course this isn’t the usual pork sausage that’s more red in colour, these ones are darker and more pate in texture due to added liver.  Amazingly delicious.  The ordering is inspired, so different from the soup but so complimentary.

Ser Wong Fun
30 Cochrane St, Central, Hong Kong
2543 1032

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