I’m no stranger to the fragrant habour, this would be at least my seventh trip (who’s counting?).  I’m familiar with the special places and faces, or more specifically the shops and restaurants that make Hong Kong a city I always return to.

But it’s still a foreign place for me, I don’t speak or read Chinese and generally don’t visit the same places – I don’t like the idea of getting too familiar with the place or the place of me.

Hong Kong dreaming

I posted this image of a breakfast place in Woo Sung St, Yau Ma Tei on instagram recently and a friend commented on twitter how this captured the mood of the place perfectly.  Easy, that comes from travelling alone. When I’m not with Walter, I prefer to travel alone. It allows me to take in the surroundings and mood without the distraction of conversation.  I like to fade into the background to record my version what’s happening at the time.

People in general are kind towards strangers who take the time to visit their country.  They seem to take particular care of me, the old ladies at one particular dumpling place in Parkes Street were almost overly protective.

I feel such warmth towards these kind people and I hope in some small way, I’m repaying their loving kindness through the wonderful karma they’re accumulating from taking pity on a lone traveller who can’t speak their language.