I’ve been fascinated by this place, each morning there’s at least 10 people queued outside and the same waiting for take away.  Sometimes I walk past and it looks like they’re serving savoury meals and other times it looks like sweets.

This morning, the queue was only a few people so I walked in.  Being just one person, I got in right away, shared a table with a couple of others.  The place was bustling and noisy, almost frenetic.

I ordered what everyone seemed to be eating – scrambled egg and toast.  This photo doesn’t do the eggs justice, they were really delicious.  And the crustless bread was thick and nicely toasted.  After getting used to the frenetic activity all around, I noticed others were eating fried toast, some also had spaghetti or pasta soup as well with their meal as well.

As I was leaving, I noticed that they were making sweet bean curd but with milk.  Rows and rows of bowls were placed along the windows.  So later that evening, I came back… to try the milk-curd sweet and to check if the place was still as busy.  And yes, still frantic.

Wasn’t too much of a fan of the milk-curd, maybe I’m too fond of the silky consistency of the original bean curd and the added ginger syrup.  Milk curd didn’t have the same hard/soft consistency that I love and it was already sweetened with sugar. 

But I will be back for the eggs.

And I eventually get it, they serve all things dairy, milk-curd and eggs! Still not sure where the Australian comes from, maybe the milk comes from Oz?

Check out this queue.. that’s serious stuff!

Australian Dairy Company
47-49 Parkes Street, Kowloon
Hong Kong