This is Michelin star restaurant is highly rated for Cantonese fare and is on the 25th floor of the very highly rated Mandarin Oriental in Central, Hong Kong.  Noodlies, Sydney food blog came to sample the delights.

Man Wah is an intimate restaurant that offers a stunning view of Hong Kong including the landmark building of Hong Kong, the Bank of China monolith.

Inside, the decor is opulent, elegant Chinese period wooden chairs, plush carpet, lit up with a constellation of brass Chinese lanterns suspended from the ceiling. Service is exceptional, attentive almost indulgent without being in your face.

Many rave about their dim sum, but tonight, we’re here for dinner.

man wah lobster

We had to order the stir fried lobster with egg white and scallop mousse.  It’s the dish that earned the restaurant its Michelin star.  True to fine Cantonese fare, the presentation is simple but colourful – and you can taste all the main ingredient without the distraction of over the top spices and sauces.

Man Wah steamed garoupa with ginger

Steamed garoupa with ginger is another stunning example of everything working to bring out the flavour, aroma of the fish.

man wah wagyu beef

The wagyu beef flavour is intense almost gamey; these glistening cubes release a concentrated explosion of flavour that manages to take you to the edge without propelling you overboard.

man wah peking duckman wah peking duck 2

Peking duck is another Man Wah specialty and for the second course, we chose the stir fried option rather than sang choi bow.  Bite into the duck pancake and you taste the softness of the warm pancake, then immediately the softness of the duck skin, then you feel it’s intense flavour.  The sauce and onion strips lift the flavour to another level which is quickly balanced with crisp, clean cucumber. Stunning.

Man Wah
25th Floor, Mandarin Orinental
5 Connaught Road, Central
2825 4003

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