One the way back from the DMZ, we stopped at Heyri Art Village.  According to their official information:

“At first, this village was designed as ‘the book village’ linked to Paju Publishing Town in 1997. But in the processing of the project, lots of artists in various cultural fields joined it. And the concept of the village was expanded to ‘cultural art village’. Now above three hundred seventy members: writers, artists, cineastes, architects, and musicians are building their artistic spaces, houses, work rooms, museums, galleries. Heyri, the name of village, is quoted from the title “the Sound of Heyri” which is the traditional farming song at Paju province in Gyeonggi-do.”

heyri art village restaurant bamboo garden

While we didn’t have the chance to check out the galleries and museums, we did have lunch there.  The place we visited was stunning, several rooms flooded with natural light from wall to ceiling glass and joined by bamboo gardens and walkways.

heyri art village scallops

The scallops with vegetable had a nice light vinaigrette that must be so different from the strong almost pungent Korean food.

heyri spaghetti

Similarly, the temptation may have been there to over spice and flavour the seafood sauce, but they managed to inject flavour without going overboard.  And the spaghetti was cooked perfectly.

heyri grilled fish

The grilled fish was a little dry but saved by the light sauce and juicy roasted vegetables.  Presentation was pretty stunning.

noodlies visited Seoul, South Korea and enjoyed this meal as a guest of KOCIS.