I’ve been raving about Crazy Wings in Chinatown, to just about anybody I knew.  And all the friends who have taken up the recommendation have been delighted (phew!).  Since December, Crazy Wings have opened a second restaurant and it’s in Chatswood.  Noodlies Sydney food blog decided it was time for a second visit…

Crazy Wings Chatswood is located in the popular new-ish Eat Street precinct, and it’s much bigger and grander than the Chinatown sibling. The decor is imperial Chinese, with a lot of rustic wood.  Crazy Wings is a celebration of Chinese street food, single skewers that you order and eat quickly.

We ordered the original as well as chili pepper bbq wings, after all, they are famous for their wings!  I almost fell over when Sebastian Lin, the owner explained that each skewer is marinated and skewered by hand, the kitchen starts the process at 6am every day.  To see my interview with the young and sweet entrepreneur, Sebastian, check out the noodlies Sydney food blog video at the end of this post.

I loved both version of the wings which were heavily marinated with a range of spices that seem to soak right into the chicken.  Be warned it’s a very hands on experience, within minutes I ignored everyone around me and got stuck into the wings with my hands.

The Crazy Lamb bbq above provided a good contrast to the chicken, it’s easier to eat but at the same time, had a gamier taste, intriguing and delicious.

I’m liking the chargrill leaf above a lot. The garlic chives are cooked but still moist and juicy.  And I’m fascinated by the way they’re attached to the sticks.

The Beijing pork noodle is only available at Crazy Wings Chatswood; the noodles are bright white and look and taste clean and fresh, perfect contrast to the relatively mild but still tasty black bean Beijing sauce.  Mix it all up and this dish hums.

After the recent EasyWay prune pearl tea, I’m extra sensitive to any prune on the menu and Crazy Wings doesn’t disappoint.  Despite the packaging and bottle design, it didn’t taste medicinal at all, although the prune flavour was very obvious, this soft drink was really refreshing, especially served cold.

I was really happy to have the chance to interview Crazy Wings owner, Sebastian Lin.  I had heaps of questions I wanted to ask:
– Why Chatswood for the second restaurant?
– Does he think Australians will take to Crazy Wings?
– What would he order if he was a customer?
– Where would you put the third Crazy Wings restaurant?

Watch the video above for Sebastian’s very frank answers!

This Noodlies Sydney food blog experience was courtesy Wasamedia and Crazy Wings.

Crazy Wings
Shop 8 (Eat Street)
1-5 Railway St, Chatswood
(02) 9410 3978

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