Imagine a video conversation with up to eight of your friends on your iPad and it recognises the themes of your conversation and supplies relevant photos, video and information in real time.  In theory a group of foodies could be chatting about the Sydney International Food Festival (SIFF) and the app then supplies SIFF reviews, photos and videos to their iPad screen.

Exciting or scary? Useful or intrusive? Noodlies, Sydney food blog is not sure, but one thing is certain – it’s coming.  Expect Labs digital start up announced last month that its MindMeld app is coming soon, very soon to the iPad app store.  The company’s video below shows the product is very close to coming to market.

Just imagine the endless possibilities, welcome to the world of contextual information based on what’ being talked about in your conversation.  Wanna see how it works? See the video below and be either elated or spooked out.  It seems you need a facebook account and together with your friends, you will soon be able to experience a whole new contextual world.

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